Prague Food Festivals

Prague Food Festivals

2020 is currently wrecked for festivals and until the gathering restrictions are lifted I’m not updating the page with any detail. Suffice to say there will be many festivals especially at weekends ready to go when restrictions are lifted.

prague food festival
Prague Food Festivals

Prague Food Festival

The Prague Food Festival has been running since 2006 and has always presented the best of what the Czech Republic has to offer. A magnet for people who really appreciate good food and for people who like to witness it’s preparation from start to finish, it’s one of the peaks of the Czech gastronomic calendar. You’ll have access to food prepared by top restaurant chefs so expect marvellous combinations, flavours and visions all for a fraction of the price of eating at the restaurants themselves.

Where and When? Usually in May but exact dates to be specified on the Prague Food Festival Website. On each day it starts at 12pm. Finish times vary.

What’s to See and Do? The organizers will have selected an eclectic mix of cuisines from many different restaurants and culinary businesses. I’ll update this page with relevant details. There will be a cookery school plus cookery workshops (presented by chefs) and the opportunity to learn about beer tasting (as if an excuse was needed). All in all it’s a must for foodies and people who want to explore modern Czech Food and International cooking styles.

How does it Work? To enter the complex you can buy day-tickets in advance or pay cash at the entry (@CZK500) on one or more of the festival days. Part of your entry fee includes 10 “Grands” worth @CZK300 which you use to buy food. You can either split the 10 into parts and buy more smaller dishes or spend the whole 10 at once on the Festival Menu offered by the restaurant. If you want more “grands” then you can buy them at the Prague Food Festival “banks”. If you want to do some planning in advance then on the website, go to the “Restaurants” tab and select “Restaurants and Menu”. You’ll then be able to see who is offering what and for how much. You can also view the Prague Food Festival map. Or if you want to see my last visit to the Prague Food Festival then check the YouTube video. Bon Apetit.