Prague Bag Storage

Prague Bag Storage

People staying in a hotel will often have access to a luggage room but people checking out early from apartments or day trippers to the city may want to dump their bags/bikes for the day or longer so here are a few ways you can do that. Note the terms “per commenced day” which normally applies to left luggage offices and “per 24 hour period” which usually applies to lockers. I’ll keep updated as necessary.

prague bag storage locker
Lockers at the Prague Main Train Station

Storage Restrictions

Each of the below will have strict terms and conditions about what they allow and what are insurance claim criteria but, in general you CANNOT store: animals/birds/reptiles, firearms, flammable/corrosive/toxic/dirty/wet content, food and other rapidly perishable objects, things that may damage other luggage/facilities/staff, anything with a total value of more than CZK15,000. In addition, a luggage office usually only accepts a secured bag.

Prague Airport

Prague Airport baggage storage is in the Terminal Two departure hall (that’s upstairs). It’s a NON-STOP office and the maximum storage time is 30 days. Contents are x-rayed. The price is CZK120 “per commenced calendar day” per piece of large luggage. By that they mean its CZK120 until 0000 of the following day at which point you add another CZK120 etc. You pay on depositing. They accept credit cards. Ideal if you are transiting and have a chance to run into the city.
You can find these guys online at http://www.maidpro-service.cz.

Prague Ceské Dráhy (Railway Stations) – General Search Advice

I’m going to detail the Prague Main Train Station below but the terms and conditions for storing luggage at any CD railway station can be found at https://www.cd.cz/en/dalsi-sluzby/sluzby-ve-stanici/-27961/. Basically for lockers it’s max 24 hours, locker cleared after 24 hours, contents destroyed after 40 days. Note that Masarykovo Train Station offers the day/week/month option. If you want to check if a certain station has a Left Luggage Office, opening times or lockers etc then start at https://www.cd.cz/en/stanice/ and enter the required station name. You must have the correct spelling and select the required station from the suggested dropdown list i.e. we don’t call it “Prague Main Station“, we call it “Hlavni Nadrazi”. On the right of each station detail page you’ll find the facilities listed.

Prague Main Train Station – Left Luggage Office

You’ll find the Luggage Office option here is on the SOUTH side of the station in the passage going to the platforms. It’s open 0600 to 2300. You can also store bikes here so long as they are wrapped and it’s charged at the large luggage rate. Pricing for Prague bag storage is based on size and volume but you pay up front for the required time. Small luggage i.e. carry-on is CZK60 per commenced day, suitcase and large luggage/backpack/bike is CZK100 per day. They give a 30% discount if 10 or more people are leaving luggage.

Prague Main Train Station – Lockers

Prague Main Station Lockers - now card-only payment
Prague Main Station Lockers – now card-only payment

The station locker area is on the NORTH side of the station at the bottom of the escalators. It maintains regular station hours i.e. no access between 0030 and 0330. Lockers are emptied after 24 hours and contents destroyed after 40 days. It’s a good option for Prague bag storage if you are arriving/leaving from the station and need late night or early morning access.

You have touch screen terminals that offer a choice of two sizes 57cm x 53cm (cabin luggage) or 57cm x 85cm (suitcase). It’s a simple system in that you select your language, luggage size, enter the period you want to store it for i.e. 6 hours or 24 hours, enter a mobile phone number and press send to get your PIN. The system tells you which locker to use. At the time of writing the cost ranges from CZK75 for storing cabin-sized baggage for 6 hours up to CZK150 for storing a suitcase for 24 hours.

When you come back you enter the PIN you received by text to your phone, use a card to pay, the locker opens and you remove your stuff.


Cubesave has been removed from the Main Train Station.

Prague Masarykovo Train Station

Masarykovo bag storage is split into two parts. The Left Luggage Office where you speak to a person is on the Hybernska Street side. It specifies anything up to 15Kg can be left per commenced day for CZK50 but unusually for Prague bag storage options it also offers a weekly rate (CZK160) and monthly rate (CZK350) and this includes bikes. Anything over 15Kg can only be left for a day. Remember that the Luggage Office has a lunch break and even during regular hours if the door is closed you can ring the bell for assistance.

Prague Florenc Bus Station

HALA 1 storage. Hala 1 or H1 is the new part with the ticket offices and restaurants etc. It opens on regular bus timetable hours i.e. 5am to midnight.
HALA 2 storage. Hala 2 or H2 is the old building which connects to Krizikova street. It opens 6am to 10pm.

These are Prague bag storage options mainly for bus travellers but it’s only one metro stop from the main train station. These are both luggage offices and accept pretty much anything but they have some rules i.e. bikes must be clean and “wrapped/covered”, skis must be in a bag. They do not accept dirty or unsecured luggage, electronic devices or anything with a value greater than CZK15,000. Price is the same whatever you leave i.e. CZK70 per commenced day i.e. if you go past midnight you add another CZK70.
Local details at www.florenc.cz


Bagbnb works on providing you with Prague bag storage options in a secure location but closer to the centre of the city than the train/bus stations. It will probably be a local business of some kind (what they call an Angel). The rate is fixed at 5 Euros (CZK125) for any luggage size or weight (wrapped bikes included) per commenced day, so if you go past 2359 that’s another 5 Euros. Two big advantages here are 1) you can book it in advance and 2) it will be close to where you want it to be. Disadvantages? well, once booked you don’t get your money back if you cancel, maybe a perceived bag security risk (insurance up to 500 Euros) but mainly it’s knowing what time your “Angel” closes so you don’t arrive and find you can’t get your stuff.
Local details at www.bagbnb.com

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