Prague Cannabis and CBD

Prague Cannabis, CBD, CBG, HHC and Delta

Let’s cut to the chase. If you don’t care about the theory and you want to legally and safely try cannabis products in Prague then just go to the Kannastar Cannabis in Prague post.

prague cannabis marijuana coffee shop advert
You’ll see Prague Cannabis adverts like this but legally it cannot be derived from marijuana

After I wrote about the Prague Red Light District I had a few interesting emails not just about that but also about other “services” so I thought I’d write about a common question that comes up on my Walking Tours which will be “is cannabis legal in Prague?”. Because many shops will appear to have cannabis products in the window and in some open spaces like parks there’s a definite whiff in the air. Here’s how to understand what are your Prague Cannabis, CBD and other options, legality issues, prices, terminology and where you can buy.

Where and How to Buy Legal Prague Cannabis and CBD Products

two men with kannastar t-shirts walking through a field of hemp plants
Enjoy cannabis legally and safely

If you understand the penalties for being in possession of a controlled substance then it’s time to find a place to buy. On this post I deal with the definition of what is legal and illegal so I’m explaining legal methods of buying cannabis products. If you find somebody already smoking cannabis that may have some spare to sell you’ll find many people are happy to sell because they get the money and are no longer carrying the drug but this is dangerous practice as you have no idea of what they are smoking. To legally and safely enjoy cannabis products go to a reputable shop like Kannastar below:

Prague Cannabis, Hemp or Marijuana?

If you consider that the Cannabis Sativa plant is the parent then there are two children. One is called Hemp and the other is Marijuana. In Prague everything on sale legally is derived from Hemp which means that the product falls within stated content limits for the psychoactive part called THC (at the time of writing the psychoactive HHC part has no EU regulation).


Under current EU rules, CBD is NOT a controlled substance. CBD (Cannabidiol) is supposed to be the non psycho-active part and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is supposed to be the psychoactive-addictive part. But in reality all CBD products will contain a trace element of THC and the Czech Republic sets the upper limit at 1% of content to be able to legally sell a CBD product. Don’t be worried about THC, it’s actually required for you to get any benefits from the CBD part. In general, for smokers then CBD flowers give the better experience although vaping is very popular for this activity and is probably better value for money.

Another variant of CBD is H4CBD which is a synthetic. Whereas CBD usually has a trace element of THC so it’s considered non psycho-active and should not generate a “high”, in H4CBD there is an added element sometimes referred to as THD. Although not strong in terms of volume, there is a higher effect on the CB1 receptor (up to 100 times more than regular CBD). So more effect than regular CBD but less than THC.


graphic going the letters cbd
Prague CBD products are legal so long as they contain by volume 0.3% THC or less

As CBD becomes more popular you can already see people using CBG (cannabigerol) to try and differentiate their product. CBG is present in any hemp product but may account for as little as 1/20th of the volume of CBD so you’ll have to ingest a lot to see any difference plus it’s aimed mostly at people using it for specific medicinal purposes.


Another cannabis derivative is CBN. Like CBD it combines naturally with the normal Endocannabinoids found in the body so non-psychoactive. It is going to reduce anxiety and pain but for some reason it is also the most effective option as a sedative so if getting to sleep or staying asleep is a problem then try this variant instead of CBD.

THC and Delta Variants

compare delta thc variants

THC is one of the psychoactive elements in cannabis and so is a controlled substance under EU regulation so it mostly matches the US criteria for Delta-8. In Prague the cannabis products are not specifically classed into Delta variants but the shops that sell the products will understand if you specify the same effects. For example Delta-9 is considered to be TWICE the strength as opposed to a Delta-8 THC so Delta-9 would be illegal as the strength is outside the current EU regulations. The variant THC-P is even stronger than Delta-9 (33 times as strong) so on packaging if you see THC-P it will be a very small percentage of the overall THC content. In layman’s terms the product is within the 1% by volume but it’s stronger.

NOTE: in the chart above designed with the US market in mind, it shows CBD does not activate CB1 or CB2. In the EU as CBD products can have a trace element of THC then they are referred to as reverse antagonists which interact with the CB2 for the purposes of anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety actions but are neutral on CB1 so no “high”.

What is HHC?

HHC stands for Hexahydrocannabinol. You’ll see HHC or one of it’s derivatives HHC-P and HHC-O used mostly on vape packaging where it’s common to see “90% HHC” on 1g disposable vapes. HHC has limited medicinal properties like being analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It is strongly linked with THC in that it has the psychoactive element but it is not as potent as an equivalent volume of THC. In the US market our HHC would be close to Delta-8 THC and is reported to have a more mellow “slow burn” effect. So as far as regulation is concerned there is currently no EU directive on it’s sale but individual countries are setting their own rules. At the time of writing HHC products are LEGAL in Czechia but have been banned in places like France, Belgium, Austria and Sweden in 2023 so we expect things to be clarified here in 2024.

Prague Cannabis, Receptors and Medicinal Purposes

prague cannabis and cbd product advert with thc, cbd and chemical compound
Prague Cannabis CBD products always contain THC but wholly THC products have different levels of strength

If you are not smoking it then you are introducing CBD into your diet as a way to feel better either as an oil or vape. It’s well known that CBD does nothing to treat the underlying causes of pain but it will cause the brain to create more amino acids (if you want to fully understand this you need to Google CBD and GABA) which dull the nerve receptors of the brain. In late-stage treatment a CBD user can be ingesting up to 600mg per day to offset pain.

If you are researching this then you will have stumbled across the abbreviation ECS which stands for Endocannbinoid System. In short, it’s how this drug influences your body. CBD effects are well documented including decreasing anxiety, aiding sleep and reducing pain by influencing your CB2 nerve receptor. However, you have another receptor called CB1 which overlaps CB2 but is thought also to include individual organs and body systems. The jury is out on what influences what but some are pushing CBG as being “better for you”.

So, in layman’s terms it’s all about getting your brain to do things that would only happen in the event of trauma. By taking anything with a psychoactive element you are causing the CB1 receptor in your brain to fire off Endocannbinoids which are going to give you a “high” plus the CB2 receptor will fire off Endocannabinoids to relieve anxiety and pain but your “perception” will be affected. A non-psychoactive element like CBD does not affect CB1 so does not give you the high and although it stimulates CB2 to reduce anxiety and pain it works in a different kind of “in the background” way so perception is not affected and you continue your normal life.

Vending Machines

prague cannabis cbd products in a vending machine
CBD Vending Machine Products can be found in shops and supermarkets. The prices are in CZK

It’s getting quite popular here for vending machines to sell CBD oil/vape products and especially “CBD flowers” which have the appearance of a cannabis plant bud but which are in fact just CBD infused with the legal amount of THC hence why you see <0.3% THC. If they were real marijuana they’d be breaking the law. Personally I don’t recommend them.

Prague Cannabis Laws and Penalties

Cannabis law has evolved and is still evolving. In 1993 while the production and sale of marijuana was criminalised, the ownership and use of cannabis products was in fact legal but there was always a question of volume. Regulation 469 passed in 2009 stated that a “small amount” of cannabis could be dealt with as a misdemeanour but it wasn’t until 2013 that the Czech Republic defined what constituted a “small amount” of Prague Cannabis. They set the figure at 15 grams but when tested in court in 2014 there was an interpretation that 10 grams of “dried cannabis” also qualified as a small amount. For “Hashish” the criminal limit is 5 grams. Since May 2021 the legal interpretation of “greater than a small amount” is based on the circumstances. So what does that mean? It means that it is illegal to carry marijuana but that, to be non-criminal if you are only carrying up to 10 grams of cannabis or up to 5 grams of hashish then the police can issue a fixed-penalty fine. At the time of writing this is a moving target with a minimum of CZK1000 rising to CZK15,000 but I’ve not found any kind of scale as to why the fine varies so much. People have told me that being fined for smoking is a lot cheaper than being fined for being in possession of raw material. More than the limits or attempting to sell and you will start to enter the legal interpretation area which if “dealing” is suspected will result in a criminal offence.

How Much Is It?

First ask your self what you want out of this experience. Legally you can go to places in Prague and get high. If you take the illegal route then you are opening yourself up to problems with the product and enforcement of the law. If you’re in a social environment then a gram of Prague cannabis (marijuana) might be as little as CZK200 but in reality as a tourist walking up to a stranger be prepared to pay CZK400 or more for a gram.

Can You Grow Your Own If It’s Only For Personal Use?

The legal interpretation is that “personal use” is possession of 5 cannabis plants that do not have a THC content above 1% and if you meet these requirements then it’s still a misdemeanour and you can receive a fixed-penalty fine. There is a law trying to get through parliament that would allow the 5 home-grown plants to be legal but we’re not there yet.

Can you smoke Cannabis Legally in Prague?

In a licenced shop like Kannastar then YES. but in a public environment NO! You are “in possession” and can receive a fixed-penalty fine.

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