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The Deminka restaurant is selected because its in a great building full of 20th Century history and the building itself is technically a Palace (just search for Deminka Palace and it’s in the same building). Not to get too carried away but previous clientele has included Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein and more than one President. Large doors and windows, high vaulted ceilings, huge copper vats and parquet flooring that’s seen the most famous people in the country walking on it since 1886. Basically its a great place to try modern Czech food in an air-conditioned space. The main restaurant area is mostly configured for tables for 4 but they’ll join them together for bigger groups. I recommend Deminka because the food is good, the service is good and it’s an historic building.

Deminka – The Food

Certainly better than your average pub, Deminka is selected for you to try high quality pub food in a beautiful environment. As it’s just outside the recognised tourist area you’ll pay a lot less than you would in the vicinity of one of the big squares. They more than hold their own with an excellent mixed grill, salmon and pike perch for fish lovers and a selection of what Deminka calls “Beer Specials” which can be more than 1Kg in weight.

My favourite: In the “Czech Classics” section, the Rabbit leg confit served with hot red cabbage and in this case bacon dumplings instead of the usual bread dumplings you’ll find in most places.

The Location

There are several ways to walk here. The easiest to describe is from Wenceslas Square. Walk to the top of Wenceslas Square cross the main road, turn right and walk to the traffic lights. Then turn left and walk two blocks left. The restaurant Deminka is on your left at the end of the second block. It sits directly between the metro stations Muzeum and IP Pavlova. IP Pavlova is also a popular tram stop for people coming from further away in which case walk two blocks towards Wenceslas Square and turn right.

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