Prague Czech Restaurants

Prague Czech Restaurants

Prague Czech Restaurants – U Modre Kachnicky II

interior of the little blue duckling two czech restaurant in prague

The U Modre Kachnicky II name translated probably gives it away. The Little Blue Duck II is a Czech restaurant but specialises in game. Apart from having the biggest choice of duck dishes in central Prague you’ll also find venison, wild boar, fallow deer, lamb shank, rabbit, pork and veal served in a variety of ways. This is rich food to be eaten slowly and personally I would struggle with a 3-course menu here. I prefer to take a main course on its own or with a dessert but if you are set for the evening then take a look at the tasting menu which is a 9-course selection of the chefs specialities.
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Prague Czech Restaurants – Deminka

prague czech restaurants deminka interior

I’ve chosen the Deminka restaurant because you’ll be eating great Czech food in a building full of 20th Century history. The building itself is technically a Palace with its large doors and windows, high vaulted ceilings, huge copper vats and parket flooring that has seen the most famous people in the country walking on it since 1886. As it’s just outside the recognised tourist area you’ll pay about half of what you would in the vicinity of one of the big squares. Basically its a great place to try modern Czech food in an air-conditioned space and there’s a separate non-smoking salon if you need it. Its great value.
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Prague Czech Restaurants – Plzenska

the cellar styled plzenska czech restaurant in prague with centre seating and side booths lit by hanging chandeliers

You won’t normally just walk in off the street as you can’t see this place from the street. The Plzenska restaurant is chosen because of the excellent Czech menu served in a large, airy and unusually bright basement location that was painstakingly restored to its original Art Nouveau decor in the mid 90s. It really is one of the most beautiful Czech restaurants with its mosaic tiled wall decorations, hand-carved chairs, azure blue tile surround and chandeliers. Although aimed at tourists it is surprisingly good value. You can go here for lunch but I recommend going for dinner and leaving it as late as possible (hence making a reservation) as it livens up considerably after 8pm with live folk music and performances. Nice to get a booth if there’s 4-6 of you.
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