Getting from Prague to Budapest

Getting From Prague to Budapest Same Empire, Different Ending – It’s not unusual that if you find Prague an attractive destination then you may also plan a visit to an equally attractive European capital, Budapest. Consider at least an overnight stay or travel at night. Here are three popular options for overland travel between the … Read More

Getting from Prague to Vienna

Three Popular Ways of Getting From Prague to Vienna As nice as Prague is, people may well include it in a larger “triangle” tour including Vienna and/or Budapest so here are three options for you to get from Prague to Vienna. It can be considered as a Day Trip but it’s a long day. Staying … Read More

Terezin Memorial

Terezin Camp – National Suffering Memorial Terezin is synonymous with the control and attempted destruction of the Bohemian Community. Basically a transit camp that takes on the appearance of a ghetto, it is only a 40 minute drive from central Prague (D8 motorway exit 35 and follow the signs). Organised tours do this place as … Read More

Villa Tugendhat in Brno

Villa Tugendhat (UNESCO) – Fascinating Story In the 1920’s, Czechoslovakia was in what is now called the “First Republic”. A time of wealth, creativity and boundary-pushing. No single place in the country is a better example of this period than Villa Tugendhat in Brno. It’s the story of three people, an architect with a clear … Read More

Getting from Prague to Plzen

Getting from Prague to Plzen For people who have been to Prague before and want to explore the country then Plzen has a lot going for it. Remember that in 2015, Plzen was the European City of Culture. Let’s get it out there right now. The number one reason for people going from Prague to … Read More

Getting from Prague to Krakow

Getting From Prague to Krakow Prague is in a great location and several picturesque cities are within six hours overland travel. Krakow is one of them. This is going to be a little bit too far for a day trip and many people will combine an overnight stay in Krakow with a trip to the … Read More

Getting from Prague to Munich

Getting From Prague to Munich Prague is in a great location and several picturesque capitals are within 5 hours overland travel. Munich is one of them. Consider this as a long day trip if it’s there and back or as an overnight stay if you will be stopping in other places. Staying in Munich I’ve … Read More

Getting from Prague to Berlin

Getting From Prague to Berlin Prague is in such a central European location that several picturesque capitals are within reach. Berlin is one of them. Staying in Berlin The last two times we’ve stayed at the Hotel Albrechtshof (Mitte) for four reasons. 1) Great location next to the river and a 10 minute walk to … Read More