Getting From Prague To Berlin
Getting from Prague to Berlin

Getting from Prague to Berlin

Getting From Prague to Berlin

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More than a Day Trip

Prague is in such a central European location that several picturesque capitals are within reach. Berlin is one of them.


Expect a journey of between 4 and 5.5 hours to get from central Prague to Berlin. Realistically you are looking at an overnight stay to make this worthwhile. There are two routes for a reasonably quick drive and another for the scenic view. You’ll need to buy a Czech Motorway sticker.

If time is of the essence then take the D8/E55 Motorway towards Dresden. Note that this motorway has a break in the middle so you’ll divert onto smaller roads (E442) for part of the journey. You’ll cross into Germany at the Breitenau crossing where you switch to the A17/E55 route and after Dresden its the A13 all the way to Berlin.

If you don’t fancy Dresden then there’s a Leipzig option as well. You follow the route above and cross into Germany at Breitenau but now you take the A4/A14 towards Leipzig and then the A9 to Berlin. This route takes about 30 minutes longer than above.

If you have time and want a more scenic route to get from Prague to Berlin then take D8 as far as the A30 (Lhotka Nad Labem) and that takes you up the side of the River Labe (Elbe in German) where you rejoin the D8 Motorway at Usti Nad Labem. Also when getting off the D8 at the A30 you are only a 5 minute drive from the Terezin Memorial (transit camp for Jews on their way to death camps in Germany and Poland). This means a 5 and a half hour trip.


There are different coach providers that will offer the Prague to Berlin trip but I prefer Student Agency. They use the new long distance “RegioJet” coaches which are the highest standard you can get on a bus route and include leather seats, on-screen film, wifi (domestic trip), hot and cold drinks, papers etc and a stewardess if you need further help. Simply click on the Student Agency Bus Timetable link, select the “Prague to Berlin” section and times/prices/availability will be displayed. You can pay by card in advance or go to the Student Agency booths at the Florenc Bus Terminal (UAN Florenc). Coaches take about 5 hours and the schedule varies depending on the day. For example on Friday night there’s very late service that gets into Berlin at about 4am. On Sundays there’s the “Business bus” which gets into Berlin just after 8am.


It’s very similar to Vienna in price and duration. During the day there is a regular Euro City train service from the Main Train Station which takes four and a half hours to Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Either way, consider the EUrail “select pass” if you think you’ll be spending time on trains in this part of Europe as the 2-country or 3-country passes might be worth it for you.

Enjoy yourself in Berlin, but I prefer Prague………

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