Historic Tram 41

Historic Tram 41 and 42

The Prague Historic Tram 41 is of a type that was running in Prague between 1908 and 1942 so it’s for people who want to experience a bit of Old Prague. This line only runs at weekends and on National Holidays. It’s ONLY between 11am and 6pm and it’s an HOURLY service. End to end the journey time is around 35 minutes.

prague historic tram 41 on manes bridge with prague castle in background
Historic Tram 41 on Manes Bridge – Photo Credit dpp.cz

How Much Is It?

Prague Historic Tram 41 is NOT included in the normal DPP transport service so you buy your ticket when you get on. At the time of writing the regular single ticket was CZK50 and the day ticket was CZK100. What’s the difference? If you buy the CZK50 and you get off the tram if you later want to use the service again then you pay another CZK50. Buying the day ticket turns it into a hop-on hop-off service but be aware it’s an hourly service. You can pay cash to the driver or use a contactless card.

Where Does It Go?

The end points of the line are Vozovna Strešovice (Transport Museum) and Výstavište Holešovice (Exhibition ground in Stromovka Park for getting off and the Planetarium in Stromovka Park is only for getting on). The route will take you through Holešovice, Republic Square, Wenceslas Square, the Lesser Town and Prague Castle. If you want to visit the Prague Public Transport Museum then this is a great option because Prague Historic Tram 41 takes you right inside the tram yard at Vozovna Strešovice. But if you don’t want to do that then consider combining it with a trip to Prague Castle.

Combine Prague Castle and the Prague Historic Tram 41

Check the link in the next section for the current timetable but at the time of writing Prague Historic Tram 41 departs the Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad) tram stop in the direction of Stromovka Park at 3 minutes past the hour. First option is 1103 and the last Prague Tram 41 is 1703. I’d buy the CZK50 ticket and stay on the tram to the end of the line at the Výstavište Holešovice (Holešovice Exhibtion Grounds).

TIP: Have a single-use regular public transport ticket with you. When you have finished with the Holešovice area then the tram stops in this area are on the route for Tram 12 to the Lesser Town or Tram 17 to the Old Town.

Where Do I Find Tram 41?

Click on the Prague Historic Tram 41 route to see the where it stops. Then click on any of the stops and you’ll see a timetable for when Tram 41 departs that stop. First look for the “hour” number 11, 12 etc and then the double digit “minute” number to the right i.e. if you see 08 then that means 8 minutes past that hour. Note that as you read the timetable that anything BELOW that stop is where you’ll be going so make sure you are going in the right direction. The timetable will have a “change direction” button.

Renting the Historic Tram

It comes with one or two carriages and can be privately hired for 60 or 90 minutes. Up to 24 people in one carriage for 60 minutes is less than CZK5000 including tax which works out at just over CZK200 per person. You can arrange a wide range of food and drink as well as a professional guide. Personally I think it’s a bargain for an unusual group tour. Read more about Renting the Prague Tram 41.

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