Prague Tram T3 Coupe

Prague Tram T3 Coupe

This is the third post having a look at special trams in Prague. On the Lubricating Tram post I told you about the almost non-stop oiling of the tram network and how you can watch its journey. On the Historic Tram post I described how to get a cheap ride on a really old tram and I also mentioned that you could hire that tram privately. But if you are going to hire a tram for a celebration activity then by far the most popular tram is the T3 Coupe. I love how they call it a “Coupe” giving you visions of a sleek 2-door saloon tram. But it’s still a very stylish dark blue tram compared with the regular fleet and it’s the only one with rooflights and it’s own bar.

dark blue prague tram t3 coupe outside the quadrio shopping centre
Prague Tram T3 Coupe available for private hire

Pictured above the Prague Tram T3 Coupe is an old-style tram made by Tatra so it’s a 1960s design but completely refurbished over a two year period and converted into the current layout in 2018. I like the bar area which was not put in specifically for this tram. The bar idea comes from the old T1 type tram where it was the place where you bought tickets but in the T3 Coupe it holds your food/beverages.

Booking and Paying

The first thing that will strike you as strange is that this activity is still such great value. The Prague Tram T3 Coupe has a capacity of 31 but let’s not go mad and we’ll base some pricing on a group of 10 although the more of you there are, the cheaper it gets per person. At the time of writing the cost for a 60 minute journey on the T3 Coupe was CZK7700. So that’s just a private tram trip. What about if our group of 10 put in CZK1000 each (that’s a bit more that £40) which will raise the pot to CZK10000. For that you’ll get your private tram trip and three 0.5L beers each (or two beers and a snack) although it’s tins, no bottles. So basically you decide when you want to ride, what extras you want like beer/wine/food/music/guide and you pay before you ride.

The Route Recommended Start/End Point

There are many route options but the DPP (Public transport) service states that you are paying from the time the Prague Tram T3 Coupe leaves the tram depot to when it returns so they (and me) strongly recommend that you get on at the tram depot at Strešovice, enjoy basically the same 60 minute route as the Historic Tram and then return to the Tram Depot.

In order to get to the tram depot you will need to take another tram either the 1, 2 or 18 from the centre of town and you will get off at the “Vozovna Strešovice” tram stop. Cross onto the pavement via the crossing and walk back down the road until you cross the cobbles with the tramlines BUT DO NOT WALK IN THE BIG GATES. The next building on your left is a pub called “Na Staré Vozovne” and that’s the entry to the tram depot.

Good to Know

There’s no toilet on the Prague Tram T3 Coupe so either use the toilets in the Transport Museum or have a drink at the pub first and use their toilets before you ride.

Any pre-ordered food/drink must be consumed on the T3 Coupe i.e. you can take nothing with you at the end. Note there is an option to get unused items delivered to you in Prague but this is a charged service. For more details see the Prague Tram T3 Coupe Information and Reservation page.

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