Getting from Prague to Munich

Getting From Prague to Munich Prague is in a great location and several picturesque capitals are within 5 hours overland travel. Munich is one of them. Consider this as a long day trip if it’s there and back or as an overnight stay if you will be stopping in other places. Staying in Munich I’ve … Read More

Getting from Prague to Berlin

Getting From Prague to Berlin Prague is in such a central European location that several picturesque capitals are within reach. Berlin is one of them. Staying in Berlin The last two times we’ve stayed at the Hotel Albrechtshof (Mitte) for four reasons. 1) Great location next to the river and a 10 minute walk to … Read More

scene view of the den kozel beer and music festival

Den Kozel Beer and Music Festival

Den Kozel – Beer and Music Festival On the second Saturday in June each year the Velkopopovicky Brewery opens it’s doors to thousands of people intent on trying some beer, a range of local food and enjoying different bands and other performers. Gates open around 1030 in the morning and close around 10pm in the … Read More