Prague Day Trips, City Tours and Excursions

Prague Day Trips, Tours and Excursions

This page is a combination of tours and trips. For the places outside of Prague i.e. half-day or whole-day trips, you can find more detail on the Trips From Prague post category so check that page or read on.

My experiences of living in Prague since 1996 learning about the city and walking around the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, New Town and Lesser Town compressed into a set of walking tours that you can explore at https://www.livingpraguetours.com. You’ll see ALL THE MAIN SIGHTS and I’ll also get you OFF THE BEATEN PATH (even in the centre of town) via quiet lanes, passages and alleyways. So if you like the advantage of a small group tour but at large group prices then take a look. I guarantee these tours will open your eyes to the city with a lot of completely original content so check the popular Old Town and Jewish Quarter Walking Tour or take a look at ALL available walking tours or check the recent Trip Advisor reviews. All of the tours below go through the regular tour operators but by booking here you’ll have options for FREE pick-ups and drop-offs to your hotel so check the detail and look out for offers.

prague spanish synagogue, tree in foreground with spring leaves
Spanish Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter

Other Tour Options i.e. Not My Tours

Duration: 3.5 hours
Travel by: Bus/Walk/Boat

This includes a boat trip. In this tour you start with a bus trip through the heart of the city including the UNESCO listed Old Town. The guide will be with you explaining the history of Prague and its neighbourhoods (Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town, Hradcany) during the bus trip. The bus slowly winds it’s way through all these major places before arriving at Prague Castle. You are in the Castle grounds for around 75 minutes including a guided tour in the St Vitus Cathedral. You’ll be taken to the bank of the Vltava River to get on board your boat where you take a well earned rest and relax admiring the beauties of Prague from the river. Besides other bridges connecting both the river banks you should travel under the well-known Charles Bridge. Relaxed you will then continue with a pleasantly informative walk through the Jewish quarter to the Old Town Square (Prague Astronomical Clock – Orloj, Tyn Church) where the tour ends. It’s a well balanced tour with 30 minutes on the bus, 75 minutes at the castle, an hour on the boat and finish with a 30 min walk (all times are approximate).

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Duration: 3.5 hours
Travel by: Walk/Tram (Tram is optional)

cobble stones on charles bridge in prague on a misty morning
Charles Bridge on a misty morning

For those of you who want the Charles Bridge and Castle but don’t want the boat trip or have already booked a river cruise etc then this will be your introduction to Prague (if you want the boat trip included then go up the page to the Grand City Tour ). This tour starts on the Old Town Square and then works its way along the Royal Route, crossing Charles Bridge and going up the castle steps to the rear of the Prague Castle where you’ll spend about 2.5 hours (Note: if you think that you can’t make the steps then there’s a complimentary tram ticket but you’ll have to find the group again so I don’t recommend the ticket option). This tour introduces Prague as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with its more than thousand years old history and architectural heritage.

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Duration: 3.5 hours
Travel by: Bus to venue

This one stays in Prague and concentrates on showing you Czech/Bohemian Folk music and dance. Czech folklore music and dances are melodic, beautiful and full of energy. The Folklore Evening is a good choice for anybody who wants to spend an enjoyable evening in a traditional Czech restaurant, have a good meal and drink. During this evening program, as well as enjoying professional dancers, guests can also sing and dance. On your way there the guide will describe the illuminated monuments you are passing and Czech history. In short you will spend an unforgettable evening and at the time of writing there was no limit on the amount of beer!!

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Duration: 5 Hours
Travel by: Bus/Walk

terezin fortress gate

Jewish Prague Day Trips. In 1940 Terezin was a regular Czech town with a prison. Fifty years earlier it had been a garrison town hence the fortifications and entry/exits via a limited number of gates. By 1941 the Gestapo had already taken over the prison and it was already planned to expand into the walled town. By 1942 the towns population had been ejected and the walled fortress now contained the first of the Czech Jews being transported from all over the country. Terezin was a transit camp, not a concentration camp but conditions were bad enough that many elderly Jews died here. Its a sore point for many Czechs as much of the security in and around the ghetto was provided by the Czech police. You’ll read and hear about how the ghetto developed (even introducing its own currency) along with recorded personal experiences. You’ll get a full tour of the small fort followed by the museum in the big fort. I prefer it in good weather as it’s more pleasant to walk through the garden reading the plaques. It’s just under an hour drive to get here so its the kind of tour you start just after breakfast and return to Prague for a late lunch.

For more detail and trip options Check the Terezin Post

Duration: 5.5 Hours
Travel by: Bus/Walk

For one of the most pleasant and varied Prague day trips, it’s about an hour drive to the UNESCO registered Kutna Hora. Once the second richest town in the kingdom you’ll be surprised at the quality of the architecture for what is really just a mid-sized provincial town. You’ll be interested in the Gothic St Barbara Cathedral, the Mint and the Bone Church (Ossuary) and this tour shows you all of them. Usually the Bone church (Ossuary is container for bones) is the first to be visited and you’ll get a chance to see some pretty unique decoration using more than 40,000 bones (look out for the Schwarzenberg coat of arms and the chandelier). Note that there is an extra charge if you want to take photos/video. Kutna Hora has a history of silver mining. You’ll find out about the Royal Mint (Italian Court) and examples of the coins produced. This tour will get you out of the city but it’s largely motorway travel. The Bone church is a complete one-off and well worth a visit to see something you’ll not find anywhere else. My Tips: Take a small packed lunch with you. You cannot eat on the bus but, you will have 30 minutes free to eat/drink in the town. Since January 2020 photography is NOT allowed in the Ossuary.

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My Own Guided Tours – Cheaper Than You Think!

prague tour guide jason next to the vltava river
“Like being shown around by a knowledgeable friend” – Trip Advisor Review

Some Random Things to Do and See in Prague