Prague Indian Restaurants

Prague Indian Restaurants

Indian Jewel

It does not have the exterior option like the Golden Tikka below but I’ve always thought that Indian Jewel served food more aligned with my experiences in the UK. Just be aware that post-covid19 it moved from it’s established location in the Tyn Courtyard and is now about 200 metres away in the street called Rybna. If I’m coming here I stay in the lamb section of the “curried specialities” because lamb is not so common in Prague. The menu is largely what you’d expect in an Indian restaurant catering to locals and tourists. It leans towards the Bangladesh “sweeter” style. Like Nan Bread? Try their Kulcha nan (savoury) or the Peshwari nan (sweet).

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Golden Tikka (Katerinska)

Golden tikka prague indian restaurant

This is what I call “no frills” nice Indian food. They strongly target the lunch crowd with lots of options. You could come here and just eat starters if you want. The regular selection of Poppadoms, Pakoras and Bahjis to start. The main course could be any number of lamb/chicken options like Tikka masala, rohgan josh, pasanda etc etc. They do a nice choice of Biryani and there are Indian soups as well. If you fancy a selection but don’t have the appetite then go for the platter for two. A couple of fish options but I’m recommending people come here for meals that they would recognise from home. Vegetarians should note the good choices here and I’d point you in the direction of the vegetable Jalfrezi. On a nice day, reserve a spot on the outside terrace.
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