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Golden Tikka

prague indian restaurants golden tikka katerinska set table outside with orange umbrellas

This is the Golden Tikka restaurant in Katerinska (IP Pavlova). You can’t see the restaurant from the street which might put some people off which is a shame because its a nice place. The Hotel Ankora split off its first floor to accommodate the restaurant which is very popular with nearby businesses and people staying at the Novotel and IBIS Wenceslas. On entering you’ll walk upstairs to the internal first floor restaurant which is tastefully decorated to be presented both as the breakfast area for the hotel and from 1130, the restaurant. Really like the garden though, very pleasant to sit outside at lunch with mainly workers having a set lunch menu or in the evening when its more couples and small groups. A well kept secret.

Golden Tikka – The Food

Restaurant Golden Tikka has what I call “no frills” nice Indian food. They strongly target the lunch crowd with lots of options. You could come here and just eat starters if you want. The regular selection of Poppadoms, Pakoras, Bahjis to start. The main course could be any number of lamb/chicken options like Tikka masala, rohgan josh, pasanda etc etc. They do a nice choice of Biryani and there are Indian soups as well. If you fancy a selection but don’t have the appetite then go for the platter for two. A couple of fish options but I’m recommending people come here for meals that they would recognise from home. Vegetarians should note the good choices here and I’d point you in the direction of the vegetable Jalfrezi.

My Favourite: Samosa to start (vegetable), main course of Kadhai Lamb (onion-tomato sauce and corriander) plus aloo gobi (spinach and cauliflower) and a Peshwari Naan bread (sweet) as side dishes. I’d have no space left but, try the homemade Kulfi if you can.


Katerinská 42
Prague 1, New Town

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