The Prague Estates Theatre

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Prague Estates Theatre

Prague Estates Theatre

A beautiful building located at one end of the old Fruit market it has always been the home of the Don Giovanni opera. The Estates Theatre is also the oldest of the established theatres having been known in the past as the Tyl Theatre and before the National Theatre was opened this was known as the German Theatre as it showed no Czech Language productions. It’s also informally known as Mozart’s theatre for the productions that it shows. Below are the major productions that you can find here but check the schedule for up-to-date info. WARNING: Apart from the performances listed below there are small productions shown ONLY IN CZECH LANGUAGE and have no subtitles. Some of the history of the Estates Theatre is included in my Old Town and Jewish Quarter Walking Tour.



The Estates Theatre encourages people to dress smartly. For “first night” performances this would stretch to black-tie if you have it or at least a jacket and tie. Other dates usually require only a jacket for men. So in general, no jeans, no trainers, no loud shirts.


Performance – Don Giovanni

Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes (with intermission)
The most famous opera in the oldest theatre. Performed in Italian with English subtitles. The premiere of Mozart’s Don Giovanni Opera (in Prague known as the Opera of Operas) was held right here at the Estates Theatre on October 29th 1787 and it continues to entertain people both here and at the National Theatre. A blend of tragedy/comedy with light-hearted philosophical moments. Watch out you don’t end up buying tickets to the “marionette” version of Don Giovanni. All links on this page go to an authorised opera ticket agent.


Performance – The Marriage of Figaro

Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes (with intermission)

As far as Prague is concerned this is the lesser performed so if you get a chance to see it then don’t miss it. Premiered at the Estates Theatre on February 9th 2002. Performed in Italian with English subtitles. Love, jealousy and not a small amount of sarcasm from Figaro (our servant champion) and his wife as they take on the master of the house. Lots of action and 3 hours will be up sooner than you’d think.


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