Stay on a Floating Prague Boat Hotel

Stay on a Prague Boat Hotel

The city gives you the opportunity to stay on a moored floating Prague boat hotel. Advantages include being able to say that you’ve stayed on a boat hotel. Great for a short stay but don’t expect too much in the way of space, comfort and amenities.

In the room the beds will usually be a twin or a “marriage double” which is a single frame bed with two mattresses and separate quilts. The absolute must is to get a room on the “river facing” side. All these boats are moored alongside a quay so unless you want to be looking at a concrete wall then your experience will be much nicer on the other side. Below are 4 of my favourites on the river and all are in the 3 star class.

prague riverside quay with palm trees
The Old Town Quay Side (where most boat tours can be found)

Prague Botel Matylda

exterior view of the prague boat hotel matylda with prague castle in background

The newest, smallest and highest specification of the floating Prague boat hotels and by far the most expensive at @100 euros per night. Great location right opposite the Dancing House and adjacent to the Slavonic Island. During the booking process it says the name is Klotylda. At present this is a second boat moored right behind the Botel Matylda so essentially its the same place for sleeping but Matylda also has the nice Italian restaurant and the better views. Only the river facing rooms are recommended here. You are a 6 minute walk to the National Theatre, 15 minutes walk to the Charles Bridge and 20 minutes to the Old Town Square. You are on the river road which is served by a regular tram service 24/7. I’ve now written a post about the Boat Hotel Matylda.

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Prague Botel AlbatrosS

prague boat hotel albatross on the riverside in evening sun

This is one of the original botels and used to be blue until it signed a deal with Budvar and they repainted. They have 86 rooms making the Albatross equal biggest of the Prague boat hotels. The rooms are entirely wood-panelled which can make it feel a bit dark but the idea is that you are not in the room that long. The breakfast room is on the top deck and has nice views over the river towards the castle. It’s a low quay and the boat is set back from the quay so even on this side you’ll have a lot of light. You are a 5 minute walk to Republic Square or 10 minutes to the Old Town Square.

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Prague Botel Admiral

prague boat hotel admiral lit at night with prague castle in background

The Prague boat hotel Admiral has some wood panelling but also white walls so it feels brighter. Still the bed option is limited to singles so that here a “double” is two single beds pushed together. This is moored 3 bridges down from the Charles Bridge on the Prague Castle side of the river so your local area is called Ujezd which borders Andel. These areas have a lot of small bars and restaurants but you’ll have a 20 minute walk to anything of tourist significance. The botel Admiral has a beautiful internal dining area and expands out onto a covered exterior which in pleasant weather gives great views over the river, the New Town opposite and down towards Vysehrad. This is also recommended for people driving here as you park right outside on the quay.

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