Prague Segway Tours

Prague Segway Tours

This is one of a set of posts which looks at Prague Tours on Wheels so it will include bike tours, eBike tours, eScooter and Segway tours. This post looks at some of the Segway options. Although it’s a fun way of getting around for most ages (some places put a minimum age), Segways are NOT allowed in several places in the city including the entire Prague 1 area i.e. you will NOT be exploring the Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town or Hradcany (Castle). So expect to start your tour in either Prague 5 or Prague 6 which may mean they offer a transfer for you to get to the start point. Helmets are mandatory. You’ll be exploring outside of the historic centre so that includes Smichov, the riverside, Sacre Coeur Park, Strahov (Monastery/Stadium), the Strešovice area of the city, Divoka Šarka, Brevnov and Ladronka. These are all fairly historic and picturesque places but if you want to explore the Prague 1 historic parts as well then go to the eScooter post and look at the eScooter or eScooter/Segway combination offers.

two men and a girl on prague segway with st vitus cathedral in background
City Segways

Expect the following from Prague segway tours:
1) There can be age/weight restrictions and pregnant women are advised to avoid these tours.
2) Any “free” drinks and snacks are at the meeting point. Anything else, you pay.
3) If it offers “Taxi pick-up” then assume a meeting point way outside the centre so you may need to make your own way back. Have a couple of tram tickets with you if not included in the tour especially if the finish location is Brevnov or Ladronka Park.
4) If anybody mentions Prague Castle then you’ll see it from a distance but you will not be going inside on your Segway etc as it’s pedestrian only. Watch out for tours that “explore Prague Castle” because that’s a walking tour and the idea here is to have fun on a Segway right?

GOOD TO KNOW: There are basically two Prague Segway routes. The first is the Smichov loop where you start opposite the National Theatre, go up and back around the Sacre Coeur park into Smichov and back down the riverside to the start point. The other is a line tour that goes to/from the Prague 6 area using quieter roads and parks. Durations for both options range between one and three hours. There are two types of Segway. One is what I call “City Segway” because it has thin wheels and goes well on flat surfaces. Then there’s “Chunky Segway” which has the fat wheels and goes better on cobblestones and rough surfaces. I prefer Chunky.

Organised Tours

Segway tours are roughly 60-90 minutes for point to point trips. If you are doing a combo i.e. Segway and eScooter then this can increase to 3 hours for longer routes and 4 hours if lunch is included. I’ve put a few options below:

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