Prague Escooter Tours

Prague eScooter Tours

This is one of a set of posts which looks at Prague Tours on Wheels so it will include bike tours, eBike tours, eScooter and Segway tours. This one looks at Prague eScooters and the first thing to note is that they are fully electric. Design-wise you have the “Hugo” style which has the large wheel at the front and the smaller rear wheel. Or you have the less popular “chopper” type with equal sized smaller but fatter wheels (often called Scroosers). Both have saddles but in my experience the “Hugo” style bike has a better balance especially if you decide to stand up plus it has better range. eScooters are allowed in the historic centre of the city although you may need to dismount on a city square or marked pedestrianised areas if required. Meeting and start points are usually central.

prague escooter tours, three guys and two girls with escooters on charles bridge
Sitting or Standing, Just Obey Regular Bike Rules

Expect the following:
1) There can be age/weight restrictions and pregnant women are advised to avoid these tours.
2) Any “free” drinks and snacks are at the meeting point. Anything else, you pay.
3) If it offers “Taxi pick-up” then assume a meeting point way outside the centre so you may need to make your own way back. Have a couple of tram tickets with you if not included in the tour especially if the finish location is Brevnov or Ladronka Park.
4) If anybody mentions Prague Castle then you’ll see it but you will not be going inside on your eScooter etc as it’s pedestrian only. Watch out for tours that “explore Prague Castle” because that’s a walking tour and the idea here is to have fun on an eScooter right?
5) Any reference to “Hradčany” is the area behind Prague Castle.

GOOD TO KNOW: You’ll mostly see eScooters in the Prague 1 area although some companies which do the combination eScooter/Segway may have that part in the Prague 6 area or may split it between Prague 6 and Prague 1. In general, an eScooter tour is a loop i.e. starting and finishing at the same place.

90 minute option – eScooter

This is a straightforward run around the city, light on history, big on views and the most popular stuff. It’s a bit more stop/start than the longer tours but it follows the normal route from the Lesser Town, up the hill to the back of the Castle, across Letna Park, down across the river into the Old Town then back to the start point on the Lesser Town side. Good option if you just want to try an eScooter, not so good for exploration and understanding.
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3-hour option – eScooter

Here you’ll be starting in the Lesser Town for a trip up to the front of Prague Castle, then Hradcany, Letna Park and down into the Old Town. The journey back the the start point may include a beer stop but that’s at your expense. This is sometimes called the Kickbike tour.
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6-hour option – Combination eScooter/Segway

Any combo tour is going to be a fairly long tour i.e. 6 hours in this case so be aware that you are joining two tours together. The advantage here is that there’ll be proper breaks between the tours. So expect that the first part of the tour will be having fun on a Segway but not looking at anything particularly historic. There could be a brewery stop depending on the season but you buy your own here (when it says you stop for lunch, it means a break, not that you get lunch as part of the tour). Free soft drinks and snacks at the halfway point and then off on the eScooter to explore the historic and more crowded parts of the city.
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3 Hour option – Combination eScooter/Segway

This one is actually eScooter-Segway-eScooter. They start in the Old Town but gradually take you out into the northern district until you get to Ladronka Park (takes approx 60 mins). There you’ll change to the Segway for 90 minutes in the Hradčany area with city views and finally switch back to Scooters to get back down into the New Town. It’s a combo tour and you’re pretty much the same as the tour above but it’s shorter hence, cheaper.
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