Wollem Prague Garnet Collection

Wollem Prague Garnet Collection

Anybody that knows me will know my appreciation of Garnet (having a wife with a January birthday focuses the mind). On the Prague Garnet post you read about Czech Garnet and introduced you to the Magic Series in my recommended shop. Let’s now raise the bar and look at the Wollem Collection.

In the Magic Series I was impressed not only by the artistic look of the pieces but also the mechanics of creating fine reversible jewellery. This time I’m looking at Garnet purely from the beauty and artistic point of view. I’m talking “Wow!” factor but remember that non-EU residents can get tax-free so you can clip 21% off the published price if you are using my TAX FREE VOUCHER.

The Wollem Collection

For a start let’s state that this is not guaranteed to be Czech Garnet and in most cases it will be African Pyrope Garnet from Mozambique (same dark red colour). The collection is based around Garnet or Diamond Garnet set into 18 carat rose gold and each individual piece of the collection has it’s own name. The collection breaks down into 4 main parts:


WOLLEM_RINGSThe Wollem collection includes single band or multi-band rings with unique designs. The simplest design is called Ethrel with it’s single scaled line of garnets. Going up in price you’ve got a similar ring called “Hellen” but just a little bit wider to allow for diamond settings either side of the garnets. High-end in the rings section would be what they call “Leal” which is a delicate 4 band ring (3 bands of garnet with a spacer and a band of diamonds – pictured).


WOLLEM_BRACELETSThe Wollem collection includes both gold chain and clip bracelets. I guess my favourite clip bracelets are “Nora” which bucks the regular Wollem trend for having only dark red Pyrope garnet and in this case introduces a mix of red and green. But far and away for just pure beauty and elegant design it has to be “Char” (pictured above at the beginning of the post). In the gold chain section “Vivian” wins it for me with scaled garnet interspersed with concentric rings of diamonds (pictured).


WOLLEM_PENDANTSFor the coordinated look then the “Hellen” ring mentioned above combined with the “Hellen” pendant is a perfect choice. If you want to go mad on the budget then the “Hellen” pendant also goes with the “Char” fixed bracelet. The pendant pictured here is called “Yuivae”. The Wollem design having rose gold with the dark red Pyrope garnet really gives a sense of warmth.


WOLLEM_EARRINGSI’m no expert here but again the “Hellen” earings are looking pretty good (pictured). If you are looking to mix in the green garnet then as well as the “Nora” bracelet consider the “Callie” long drop ear rings.

Wollem is not a huge collection and in fact if you see it in the shop it barely fills two display counters but a tremendous amount of work goes into sourcing the materials to maintain consistency so you are getting high-end and uniquely designed jewellery. You’ll find details of the collection at the Wollem Website and before you go to the shop make sure you take advantage of the TAX FREE VOUCHER.

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