Avoiding Prague Parks At Night

If you go down to the woods today……

Yes it’s a romantic idea. Taking a stroll through one of the parks at night is on many lists of things to do. I try to correct that.

We’re not talking physical injury here like rape or murder (ok one guy did get shot dead in Charles Square a few years ago) but in general it’s the inconvenience and consequences of stumbling into things that you rather wouldn’t. Let’s take Charles Square as an example. It’s right in the centre. Reasonably well it on the paths and has a main road running directly through the middle. But the paths on the sides lead you very close to the bushes and there are consequences for inadvertently witnessing “dogging” with nearby prostitutes and the odd person or two relieving themselves in more than one way. It’s not a memory I would want.

the park at the front of Prague's main train station
The Park at the Main Train Station

Likewise in Kampa which is an elegant park during the day, I advise people to add an extra 5 minutes to any walking journey to avoid it at night due to the number of people that wish to get high during the summer. It’s like a scene from the Walking Dead with people doing Cannabis and stumbling around with little more than brain-stem control of their movements. The public toilets also close at dusk so early morning runners will be thinking “christ, what kind of dog did that?”. These little zombies pose no threat to most people but again, I’d pass if I can.

Lastly there’s the path and grassed area in front of the Main Railway Station. I try to skip it during the day let alone at night. Absolutely do not go into the bushes at anytime. The best you’ll get away with is stepping in something nasty, the worst, well I didn’t know whether to laugh or grimace at the sight of a “street” guy walking along with a syringe stuck in the side of his trainer.

So if you’ve not already got the hint and you are somebody who likes these sorts of things then feel free but if you don’t then….don’t.

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prague tour guide jason next to the vltava river
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