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Loving Hut (Na Porici)

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There are some individual restaurants but you’ll also find them in large shopping centres i.e. Quadrio. Loving Hut is VEGAN. It’s a modern ergonomic “take a tray”, “take a dish” vegan restaurant. Absolutely no style or ambience. It’s got a buffet and a large selection of fixed menu offers. You’ll find Loving Hut restaurants in Prague shopping centres but this page is specifically for the Na Porici branch next to the Bila Labut building (5 minute walk from Republic Square). Remember as you pile up your plate that the buffet operates a “pay-by-weight” system so you should look to be paying CZK120 to CZK170 for a meal and drinks are extra so it’s not particularly cheap.

Loving Hut – The Food

Unlike Lehka Hlava and Maitrea which lean towards Mediterranean, Loving Hut leans heavily towards Asian. Lots of noodle-based meals, fried and steamed vegetables, soy steaks, thai curry and vegan balls on the menu. Basically, imagine that you have walked into an Asian fusion fast food vegetarian restaurant except there’s no pork, chicken or beef. This is substituted with vegan specialities.

My Favourite: A pretty simple curry soup to start and three large spring rolls served with rice-noodles.


Na Porící 25,
Praha 1, New Town (Republic Square Area)

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