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Modry Zub (Spalena)

Modry Zub in Spalena is tucked away around a corner on the main tram line route about 50 metres from the Narodni Trida stop but not many tourists even know it is there. That’s OK because its very popular with locals. There are seats and a bar downstairs mainly for people wanting to eat and watch the TV at the bar (sports) but most of the tables and most of the evening meals are up on the first floor. There are a lot of tables squeezed in and it can get lively in peak eating times but eat before 7pm if you want it a bit quieter. Lemon Leaf is still my favourite but this is a close second. You can stop by and try the fixed lunch menu which is usually just a main course but I prefer an evening visit.

Modry Zub – The Food

Thai restaurant Modry Zub (Blue Tooth) made its name firstly as a noodle house so if noodles are your thing then come here as you’ll find a great choice of Japanese, glass and rice noodles and generally with the choice of chicken, beef and pork but also some seafood dishes like prawn, shrimp and mussels. Note that there is a fairly large salad choice and the normal spice level is HOT but, they’ll tone it down if you want, just ask.

My Favourite: The soups are way too hot for me so I go for the 6 pieces of marinated chicken satay to start and Sen Sam Sahai which is a mixture of different types of noodles and different meat. This comes regular but you can ask for the meat to come a bit more spicy if you want.


Spálená 29
Prague 1, New Town

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