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Cotto Crudo

cottocrudo prague italian restaurant interior

Cotto Crudo is one of the top Italian restaurants in Prague. It has a simple mission i.e. to bring it’s own interpretation of Italian cuisine both cooked and raw. It’s the main restaurant of the Four Seasons hotel in Prague so the design is very modern and it takes maximum advantage of it’s riverside views. I like the fact that all seats get a view and when the doors are opened it feels wonderfully airy and light. From the relaxed end of the restaurant with high chairs and decking to the more formal main area it’s spacious and artistic.

Cotto Crudo – The Food

You are spoilt for choice here. Unlike some of the other top Italian restaurants in Prague, Cotto Crudo has put a lot of thought into providing an extensive menu that you can divide into the classic 5 course meal or dip in and choose a speciality or two as a light option. It has the best cold starters in the city including a large selection of cheese, prosciutto and seafood which leads you into the main course. A generous selection of meat, fish, seafood and pasta dishes includes scallops, lobster, octopus, steaks, pork chops and rabbit. Really something for everyone or just take a starter and one of their beautiful desserts.

My Favourite: Cold starter of salmon with a rocket pesto, tomato confit and lemon zest. From the main course the linguine vongole and for dessert, the Amarena cherry-chocolate cake.


Veleslavínova 1098/2a (Four Seasons Hotel)
Prague 1, Old Town

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