Prague Laterna magika theatre

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Prague Laterna magika

Prague Laterna magika (New Stage, New Scene)

The image left at night shows how the theatre looked in 1983 i.e. on it’s own in the courtyard of the National Theatre. The featured image is with the glass walled extension. Prague Laterna magika (also called the New Stage of the Theatre) opened right next to the National Theatre . It’s highly modern 1980’s glass brick design has been both admired and criticised over the years (I admire it at night and criticise during the day!). Prague Laterna magika is the modern dance and expression venue compared with the National’s penchant for classic opera and ballet. As such you will have quite a large number of performances rotating through Laterna magika during the year. It makes stunningly effective use of projected film to create backdrops instead of costly stage construction. There are always 5 or 6 performances including drama and dance so here’s a selection of what has been on lately. Check the schedule for up to date performance information.




No written dress code for the Prague Laterna magika theatre but be reasonable i.e. no ripped vests.

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