Fame at Last

Fame at Last

On June 13th 2019 I was giving a World War Two Walking Tour to a couple and we were in Maiselova in the heart of the Jewish Quarter Josefov District. Just as we were adjacent to the Jewish Town Hall I saw a Google Maps car coming down the road so I waved at it. The tour was finally completed and I thought no more of it until today.

What are the Chances?

In the Coronavirus period I’m writing a lot of content and so I had written a piece about the Old/New Synagogue. I wanted to embed a Google Maps link but I did not know the exact postal address of the Old/New Synagogue. I could have searched for “Staronova synagogue” but for some reason I knew the address for the Jewish Town Hall which is right opposite so I went to https://maps.google.com and typed in the address i.e. Maiselova 250, Staré Mesto, Praha.

The screen you get when you search for Maiselova 250

I recognise that chap!

And what a shock to find a photo of somebody that I recognised alongside the map i.e. me! I clicked on the picture and sure enough, there was me and the clients waving to the camera.

Captured for eternity (or until they drive down the street again). Brought a smile to my face I can tell you and I think the blurry face makes me look younger!!!

Fame at Last

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