Fame at Last

Fame at Last

On June 13th 2019 I was giving a World War Two Walking Tour to a couple and we were in Maiselova in the heart of the Jewish Quarter Josefov District. Just as we were adjacent to the Jewish Town Hall I saw a Google Maps car coming down the road so I waved at it. The tour was finally completed and I thought no more of it until today.

What are the Chances?

In the Coronavirus period I’m writing a lot of content and so I had written a piece about the Old/New Synagogue. I wanted to embed a Google Maps link but I did not know the exact postal address of the Old/New Synagogue. I could have searched for “Staronova synagogue” but for some reason I knew the address for the Jewish Town Hall which is right opposite so I went to https://maps.google.com and typed in the address i.e. Maiselova 250, Staré Mesto, Praha.

google map showing the address maiselova 250
The screen you get when you search for Maiselova 250

google maps photo showing the author of livingprague during a walking tour
I recognise that chap!

And what a shock to find a photo of somebody that I recognised alongside the map i.e. me! I clicked on the picture and sure enough, there was me and the clients waving to the camera.

Captured for eternity (or until they drive down the street again). Brought a smile to my face I can tell you and I think the blurry face makes me look younger!!!