Getting from Prague to Cesky Krumlov

Getting from Prague to Cesky Krumlov

People looking for a long day out from Prague will probably consider going from Prague to Cesky Krumlov. Cesky Krumlov was the royal seat of the Rosenberg family with their castle up on the hill and most of the town built below on the riverside in the valley. It’s very picturesque but also very steep to climb in places. The castle and the associated garden and open-air “rotating” theatre are the main cultural draws to the town. People who like canoeing and kayaking will also be found in this area either starting or finishing their trip here. Many riverside restaurants to try.

The most popular event in the city is in June and is called the “Five Petal Rose” (sign of the Rosenberg family) Festival and here’s some more detail on the Festival Schedule. It’s a weekend Medieval Festival with lots going on it all parts of town.

cesky krumlov castle
Cesky Krumlov region is great for kayaking in the summer

Staying in Cesky Krumlov

When I was still a tourist in this country then we had several trips to Cesky Krumlov. Mostly day trips with friends and family but we stayed overnight a couple of times. One of those places is in what they call the New Town i.e. not in the really busy part but still you’re only a 5 minute walk from it. Alternatively you are a 10 minute walk to either the brewery or the rear entry to the castle (steep uphill walk). All the rooms seem to be huge and most are wood floored with 4-poster beds. I can definitely recommend Villa Conti in Cesky Krumlov.

Tour Options

This is very much a SUMMER excursion and you will either be doing this on your own or as an organised tour but BE CAREFUL when booking tours here which seem very cheap because it does not include transport to and from Prague. So I have put a scheduled tour option and a private tour option below which both include transport:

Organised Tour (Scheduled) – You’ll join an existing scheduled tour where you will be transferred both ways via a comfortable bus. The whole day will be 10 hours which divides into almost 6 hours of travelling time, lunch, a 3 hour tour of the town and you’ll be back in Prague before 7pm. Check the Cesky Krumlov Scheduled Tour Option

Organised Tour (Private) – The length of the day is pretty much as you require it but in general the 10 hour day is the rule. In this case your transfer is by car and the travelling time is a bit less giving you an extra 30 minutes or so. Lunch is not included but basically you have a local guide to yourself for at least 4 hours. Check the Cesky Krumlov Private Tour Option

By Car

Allow approximately 3 hours for the drive but if you are going from Prague to Cesky Krumlov then leave a little early and you’ll have options to stop in either Jindrichuv Hradec or Ceske Budejovice on the way. It’s a pleasant drive and quicker now the motorway has opened but you’ll need a Motorway Sticker.

By Bus

If you are going to use Student Agency then be VERY careful about the departure point. Departures from Prague to Cesky Krumlov from Na Knizeci (Andel) are direct and take 2hrs 55mins. However, departures from Florenc (UAN) include two stops and take nearly 12 hours. If you use Student Agency https://www.studentagency.eu/en/ you’ll have the choice of two bus stations, Špícák or AN (AN means Bus Station in Czech). I prefer AN. Get off the bus, cross the road and turn left (this means the riverside will be on your right). At the end of the road turn right onto the older cobble stone road and this takes you to the centre part with Svornosti Square and the Tourist Info centre. From the square cross the bridge to go up to the castle and park.

By Train

Train travel will be the most comfortable but it does not save much time. You’ll find a direct train from Prague to Cesky Krumlov from the Main Prague Train Station around 8am (arrives 11am) and one returning around 2pm (arrives Prague at 5pm) which does not leave much exploring time. The other train options require a stop at Ceske Budejovice so these routes are about three and a quarter hours.

What Would I do?

My first trip here was organised. Now my own personal preference would be to take the direct train from Prague to Cesky Krumlov so leaving Prague about 8am and getting into CK around 11am. Then I’d take the Student Agency Bus option back as they have departures almost every hour in the late afternoon up until 8pm so you can be back in Prague before 11pm. Prices are about the same i.e. CZK200 one way.

For more information on events in CK and surrounding areas, accommodation, apps etc then check the Official Cesky Krumlov Tourism page http://www.ckrumlov.info/.

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