Planning a Prague Cruise Extension

Planning a Prague Cruise Extension – Prague as an Add-on

People doing a Danube river cruise often take the opportunity to visit Prague. This site will help you with that plan but also consider three things. Firstly, I offer a FREE accommodation advice service i.e. if you’ve got a choice of places to stay then I can suggest what could be the best choice based on my local knowledge of their location, facilities, access etc. Secondly, my Small but High Quality Choice of Walking Tours. Lastly, Not everybody who does a cruise is 60+ but if you are it might be worth you looking at my Exploring Prague When You Are Over 60 post which gives tips on discounted/free public transport and discounted entry fees etc. Although not on the Danube, Prague is a short coach transfer away and one thing that I’ve noticed whilst guiding clients around the city is that clients on a Prague cruise extension like my native English small group and private tours. Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions.

prague old town square church of our lady before tyn in silhouette
Prague is a Popular Extension for Danube Cruises

Word of mouth plays a big part of course with many clients already travelling with AMA Waterways, Viking, Avalon and Gate1 etc using their transfer and accommodation but choosing a more intimate tour option. It does seem that people looking for a unique tour, professional yet personal, friendly yet not too familiar and with outstanding customer service do tend to look me up when planning their trip.

It’s for people who want to begin to understand why Prague is like it is in so many ways, religious, political, social, architectural and to use attractions to tell the story of the city not just as photo ops. With a group size of maximum 6 or by arranging a private tour we’ll have a great time exploring.

transfer quote to/from Prague from Cruise Station locations:

If you are travelling to or from a cruise embarkation point like Nurnberg, Regensburg, Passau or Vilshofen then get a quote from Prague Transport. It’s the company that I recommend for regular Prague airport transfers but they do international pick-up and drop-off as well. More details on the Recommended Transfers post.

Before the Cruise?

Typically this is a client who independently arrives in the city, partaking of some of an existing Prague cruise extension itinerary who will meet the group in a day or so and join the cruise at somewhere like Passau or Linz etc. Probably an experienced cruise client who is looking for something a bit special, unique and memorable. Definitely somebody who does not mind having their view of the city challenged and questions answered. You may have got a tour included as part of the cruise offer but, appreciate the intimacy of a good value private tour or a small group.

After the Cruise?

This would be a Prague cruise extension at the end of the Danube Cruise with a transfer up to Prague for a couple of nights. So by now you’ve maybe had enough of being in a large slow group and you are looking for more flexibility and intimacy in your Prague city tour.

Why Me?

Well I’ve lived here since 1996 and for a start I actually talk to you face to face in Native English. Anybody that’s done a “headset tour” will know what I’m talking about. Tours are either private or limited to six people (unless you know each other) and are great value. You never know where the conversation will go as I take personal interests and expand the tour to increase enjoyment. I don’t run on a fixed script as many others do. In feedback one of the things that comes up time and again is the “I didn’t see that” conversation i.e. evening dinner conversation with your friends about the city. It would appear that most people have seen the main attractions and yet somehow you know different things, interesting and quirky things that the others did not get a chance to experience or learn about.

All in all if you are looking for another way to experience the city during your Prague cruise extension then either take a quick look at the Living Prague Tours website at https://www.livingpraguetours.com or contact me if you need something to fit in with your schedule and I’ll walk over hot coals to accommodate you. Got your own travel agent? No problem, they can book tours for you. Just give them my contact details and I’ll do the rest.

Some Random Things to Do and See in Prague