Prague Three Day Public Transport Pass

Prague Three Day Public Transport Pass

People who want the advantages of just hopping on and off Prague Public Transport can buy a Three-Day pass. If you are staying out of the centre then it’s an absolute must to have it. Even staying in the centre you might find it useful especially on the metro system although trams and city buses are included. The average single journey ticket cost is CZK24 so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that after 12 journeys you are now saving money.

prague three day public transport pass 2019
72 hour pass for Prague Public Transport

If you are arriving at the airport or train station then not only will you not have to queue for tickets etc, your luggage won’t require a ticket either as that is covered on the Three-Day pass.

Validation rules are the same as a regular single journey ticket i.e. you stamp the blank part of the pass the first time you enter the DPP (Prague Public Transport) system and it’s good for 72 hours from that point. If you 70 or older you won’t need it. Check the Exploring Prague Over 60 post.

IMPORTANT: This ticket CANNOT be bought separately from Livingprague. You can only buy it to be added to anything posted to you like the Prague Survival Kit, Combo or Printed Walking Tours Book etc. The cost is 13 Euros for the ticket plus 2 Euros for my time etc so total 15 Euros per ticket.

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