Prague Metro Ticket Machines

The Prague Metro Ticket Machines

The same Prague metro ticket is used on all parts of the public transport system except “park and ride”. They are sold from the yellow machines in metro stations and major bus stops or from news stands or from the City Transport Authority Information Offices. These machines are being converted to accommodate an “English” option but in order to get a Prague metro ticket you still have to know how to use the machines.

3 touch screen prague public transport ticket machines
The new touch-screen ticket machines

At this point you should know what you want i.e.

Short duration 30 minute ticket
Longer duration 60 minute ticket
One Day Pass
Three Day Pass

Old Machine (Mechanical)

If you only want the tickets and you are using an old-style mechanical ticket machine then watch the YouTube Video https://youtu.be/ivK4d9OH34c which walks you through the process. Have fun.

New Machine (Touch-screen)

The prices may change – just pay attention to the type of ticket you want

The way you buy the ticket is described on the above How to Use a Touch-Screen Ticket Machine.

Whether you buy a ticket from a shop or a machine, you first select the Prague metro ticket tariff which applies to your journey requirement i.e. adults will have the choice of CZK30 for journeys of less than 30 minutes or the CZK40 option for up to 60 minutes. Look for the corresponding button on the machine. If you want more tickets then press the button more times.

40kc ticket

This is a 4 zone Prague metro ticket that you buy in a shop really only used for longer journeys. Ticket is valid for the fare zones “P”, “O” and “B” (central Prague with “P” counting as 2 zones and extending out 20km i.e. past the airport) and can be used in central Prague for 60 minutes (90 minutes outside the centre) from validation. You may change between all types of transportation and even return as long as you complete your journey within the time limit. This ticket is also valid on trains within the Prague Integrated Transport system (PIT).

1) An adult travelling on any combination metro, bus or tram in Prague with a journey time of more than 30 minutes but less than 60 minutes (if staying within city limits).

30kc ticket

This is a 3-zone Prague metro ticket that you buy in a shop which allows travel on trams and buses and has a duration of 30 minutes when used in central Prague (or 60 minutes outside of Prague). Again you can stay on the system until the time limit is reached.

1) Starting your journey outside of the “P” area (that’s outside of the metro area i.e. start on bus or tram) and staying outside of this area and completing your journey in less than 60 minutes.
2) An adult travelling within the central Prague area “P” completing your journey in less than 30 minutes.


Before entry to any DPP transport the ticket must be stamped (note the pre-validated section below). On the tram and bus the stamping machine is generally by the door. In the metro it’s before you go down the stairs or escalator etc. You’ll find a yellow box with a “credit card sized” slot. Put the ticket in with the blank end facing up and in the machine. You should hear a “stamp” and the details of the station are imprinted on the ticket. Always check to make sure the stamp is ok and if not, try another stamping box.

Pre-validated ticket

The exception to the above is if you buy a pre-validated ticket. You would buy this using a contactless credit/debit card from a special ticket dispenser either at a metro station or on new trams. In this case you select the correct tariff of CZK30, CZK40 or CZK120 (day pass) and the ticket issued is pre-validated with date/time so no need to stamp it. Again this is shown and described on the guide to How to Use a Touch-Screen Ticket Machine.

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