TonyAdams Prague Barber Shop

TONYADAMS Prague Barber Shop in Vinohrady

I remember the days of walking into a barber shop in my home town, waiting in a queue of 10 people, reading a five year old gardening magazine, then being called over to a seat for my 15 minute haircut and then out the door. I have to say that I struggled to describe the whole thing as an “experience”.

tonyadams barber shop in prague vinohrady
Literally a close shave

What about Prague Barber Shops?

Unlike the English “turn-up” style, Prague Barber shops are usually by-appointment and in Prague that usually means that once a month you’ll check yourself in for a bit of “pampering”. Last week I visited a friend of a friend who has set up one of the latest Prague Barber shops called “TONYADAMS” (not Arsenal related before you ask and yes, it’s all one word) in the Vinohrady district.

I don’t think people would criticise me when I say that sometimes in Prague the “customer service” gene got lost along the way but passing through the front door of TONYADAMS, you enter a very professional and stylish world. As I settled into the comfortable waiting area with a coffee and a full bar available I heard the regular barber shop sounds like scissors cutting, trimmers and hairdryers. Then it dawned on me that as regular clients were coming and going I could hear, Czech, English and Italian being spoken between the stylists and the clients. I use the word “stylist” because this is not mere hair cutting, this is art in progress.

One of a few men-only Prague Barber shops with professional, multi-lingual male staff, I had a chat with one of the TONYADAMS owners and he obviously has a passion for the business. None of those 15 minute slots. Here it’s however long it takes to do the job right so no rushing. Whether it’s a trim or a cut throat shave, take it easy, relax, feel refreshed and ready to take on your next challenge knowing that you look great.

Read more or make an appointment on the TONYADAMS website https://www.tonyadams.cz/.

Photo Credit: TONYADAMS

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