Prague Quiz

A Fun Prague Quiz

This is just a bit of fun. Below are about 50 questions and you’ll have got most of the answers by reading the pages of this site or others. The idea is also to get researchers familiar with using the dictionary at http://www.slovnik.cz. No prizes but, you’ll gain knowledge along the way and you might even learn a bit of the language. Answers at the end.

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Test your knowledge of Prague

1) Alfons Mucha was a famous Czech artist in the Art Nouveau style. What was his middle name?
2) Cafe Slavia is opposite which Prague landmark?
3) How many steps lead from Thunovska up to the castle?
4) The Rudolfinum is named after whom?
5) How many white crosses are on the ground outside the Old Town Hall?
6) Born in Prague 3rd July 1883, died 3rd June 1924. Who is it?
7) From where does the street called Celetna get it’s name?
8) In Czech what is a “Divadlo”?
9) The main post office is in what street?
10) If you were on the metro and the lights on the doors are flashing green what does it mean
11) What’s the number of the bus that goes from the airport to the metro at Zlicin?
12) What’s the difference between Perliva and Neperliva?
13) What’s the Czech name for a Vienna Coffee?
14) Close to the Ujezd tram stop there is a monument. To whom is it dedicated?
15) What is the green/red metro junction station called?
16) In Czech it is called “Obecni Dum”, what is it called in English?
17) Where would you find the “Zrcadlove Bludiste”?
18) Who was the second President of the Czech Republic?
19) The area under Charles Bridge on the Mala Strana side is known by what name?
20) What year did Prague host EXPO?
21) Where is the location of “Kelleys Tower”?
22) When the “Jewish Quarter” was designated as the fifth district of Prague it was given a specific name. What is it?
23) How do Czechs leave a tip?
24) In Czech, the main river running through Prague is called the Vltava. What is the other name by which it is also known?
25) What year was the Czech Republic formed?
26) What is the English Translation of the Czech road called “Dlouha Ulice”?
27) The Dancing House design is always attributed to Frank Gehry. Who was the co-designer?
28) The house where Mozart stayed in Prague is now a museum. What is it called?
29) In the year 2000, the Czech Republic were reigning Olympic and World champions. Which sport?
30) If I left the Old Town Square and walked down a long street lined with trees, in which road would I be walking?
31) If you saw a sign on a door that said “TAM”, what would you do?
32) Modern Czech written language is based on one book. What is the name of the book?
33) What day can you go into the National Museum for free?
34) The large open area behind the Estates Theatre is called “Ovocny Trh”, what did it used to be?
35) The first President of Czechoslovakia was T.G Masaryk. What does the T.G. stand for?
36) On one side of the Vltava is an island containing “Palac Zofin”. This is now known as “Slavonic Island”. What was it called before it was renamed?
37) How many statues are on the Charles Bridge?
38) In 1992, Vaclav Havel was voted first President of the Czech Republic. What was his profession before becoming President?
39) The “John Lennon Wall” is at the rear of which Embassy?
40) Behind the Loreta is a street called “Novy Svet”. What would be the English translation of this name?
41) The Old Town was granted permission for it’s own town hall in what year?
42) What is the name of the street that links the Old Town Square with Wenceslas Square?
43) In 1996 a Czech film won the Oscar for “Best Foreign Film”. What was the name of the film?
44) The Czech Senate is located in which Prague Palace?
45) Albatross, Admiral, Vodnik and Racek provide what type of accommodation?
46) Under what circumstances must a car give way to a pedestrian on a crossing?
47) What’s special about tram #907?
48) In 2002 after the flood, an animal escaped from Prague Zoo and national television showed attempts to catch it. What was the animal?
49) Maltezske Namesti (Maltese Square) provided the backdrop for many scenes in which Milos Forman film?
50) In 2004 there was a city-wide exhibition using a certain kind of animal in order to raise money for children. Many exhibits were designed and sponsored by well known Czechs and Czech companies. What was the animal?

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