Prague Population FUN Statistics and Trends

Prague Population Fun Statistics and Trends

There are a tremendous amount of people who live and work in Prague but who were not born here, myself included. Historically the Prague population started increasing with the arrival of the railways in the mid-19th Century so there are probably only 10% of the current Prague population that can trace their heritage back in Prague past this time.

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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

The Czech Statistics Office has published national and regional information about the Prague population since 1919 which includes total Prague population, births, deaths, marriages, abortions (since 1971) and Net Migration (since 1950).

According to the last published figures in 2015, the total Prague Population was 1,262,507. That figure breaks down to 612,180 Males and 650,327 Females. You can also add roughly 16,000 daily tourists to that as well. As a snapshot I like the 2011 records which showed a total of 44 religions practiced in Prague with Roman Catholic dominant but still being only 6% of the Prague population. I also liked the fact that 226 declared themselves as Atheist whereas 4396 declared themselves as Jedi.

Over the years

Notable years include 1961 when the city population broke through 1 million for the first time. The 1970’s recorded the most number of marriages and the most number of deaths. The 1990’s recorded the largest decline in religion. Let’s take 1919, 1971 and 2015 and see what’s changed in a few basic categories.

  • In 1919
  • Total Prague Population – 676,620
  • Total Marriages – 10,513
  • Total Divorces – 770
  • Infant Mortality rate – 13%
  • In 1971
  • Total Prague Population – 1,082,024
  • Total Marriages – 10,699
  • Total Divorces – 4,288
  • Infant Mortality rate – 2%
  • In 2015
  • Total Prague Population – 1,262,507
  • Total Marriages – 6,073
  • Total Divorces – 2,983
  • Infant Mortality rate – 0.15%

Taking the figures as a whole you can say that in relation to the Prague population, the following is the trend.

Going Up

  • Total Population
  • Czech birth rate
  • Divorces
  • Foreign men marrying Czech Women
  • Foreigners marrying foreigners
  • Foreigners birth rate
  • Asylum claimants

Going Down

  • Infant Mortality
  • Number of marriages
  • Number of people declaring a religion
  • Abortion rate
  • TB Rate
  • Asylum Claims granted


  • Births within marriage
  • Deaths
  • Net migration
  • Foreigners in prison

If you want to dig around for statistics in Czech then have a look at the website of the Office of Czech Statistics.

Prague Population FUN Statistics and Trends

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