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Now that European data-roaming charges are going down then more and more people are using apps during their trip to Prague. Here I mention the main Prague apps that I use or have used. Many of these apps require location settings to be enabled so before using you may be asked to enable/activate GPS etc. Search for them by name in iTunes or Google Play.


Restu Prague AppThis is one of the restaurant guide Prague apps and also a free reservation service. They guarantee confirmation if places are available within 10 minutes. Restaurant reviews and descriptions are largely in Czech so go by the ratings. You’ll find you get a better table and a lot less chance of being bumped. Longer-term users can create an account and get credit towards meals.


Liftago Prague AppsIt has the same feeling as Uber but more taxi drivers in Prague are using it. Make sure that your pick-up and drop-off addresses are correct (app is best used with a Czech keyboard but accepts non-Czech characters in which case you may have a choice of streets). Cost, travel time, driver details are all visible but do not expect the driver to speak English.

AAA Taxi

AAA Taxi Prague AppsMy favourite of the regular Taxi Prague Apps. I’ve found AAA the easiest to use especially for pre-booking. Enter your details and times etc. Book ahead or if you need it now you’ll get an arrival time estimate with taxi details.

Prague Airport

Prague Apps Prague AirportI used this a lot when I was flying regularly. Great for info on flight schedules, public transport timetables (from the airport) and parking. Good “flight status” element which monitors the status of your flight and updates you on issues. Basic info about shops and restaurants.

Prague Apps Mapy.czMy favourite of the Map Prague apps for directions, route planner and facilities. The newest version handles non-Czech characters better but make sure you click on the right option i.e. if you are searching for “Narodni” in Prague then click on “Narodni, Okres Praha Hlavni Mesto”.


Prague Apps PubtranOne of the Public Transport Prague Apps. With GPS activated it will identify where you are now i.e. the closest public transport stop so all you need to put in is the destination. It will then give you options including tram, metro and/or bus depending where you are. I use this more for tram info.

DPP Info

Prague Apps DPP InfoDPP is the official Prague Public Transport system. I use either this or pubtran above for basic public transport info, routes and timetables but DPP is better for telling you about obstructions and service delays, park&ride capacity and being able to set personal favourites. It has the sms ticket option but that is only available to Czech SIM card users.

DIC-o Czech

Prague Apps DIC-o Czech EnglishCzech Dictionary app that switches between CZ and EN and vice versa. Not everything but I’d say it covers more than 90% of what I need.


Prague Apps PumpdroidOne of the Services Prague Apps. This one is for Petrol station and services. From your current location it suggests the 10 closest petrol stations with fuel cost (updated), opening times and other services offered (air, car wash etc).

Czech Public Transport iDOS

Prague Apps iDOSThis is a public transport app that I use mainly for trains and buses. It uses GPS to give you your location and expects you to type in a destination (both fields can be changed). Useful for people who are travelling both on trains and outside the DPP public transport area i.e. central Prague.

Monitor Dalnicni Dopravy

Prague Apps Motorway CheckerMotorway traffic app. It covers planned work (fixed bollard sign) regardless of the traffic situation and it covers actual traffic conditions (sign showing car with exhaust) updated every 10 minutes. If you don’t want all the general stuff then pick the motorway (D1, D5, D8 etc). It’s all in Czech but you’ll see junction info and the word “Směr” means “in the direction of” so you can see which side has the problem.

Czech Pharmacies

Prague Apps Czech PharmaciesAnother of the services Prague apps. This is a Pharmacy/Drugstore location app. From your current location it displays the closest options and usually the opening times, name of the chemist and phone number (but you usually have to speak Czech).

Old Maps Online

Prague Apps Old MapsAnother map app but not interactive. If I’m in central Prague it offers maps showing what my location looked like in past years. The desktop version allows side-by-side view.


Prague Apps Zachranka RescueThis is an Emergency App for use IN AN EMERGENCY. Activating the app sends an SMS and puts you in contact with the 155 ambulance service. Your location is pin-pointed by GPS and services sent to you. If you are still able to walk, it also gives options for medical facilities in your immediate area. In my experience 112 is a better number to call in an emergency as you are more likely to get English speakers.

Student Agency

Prague Apps Student Agency BusBus service app. If a client wants to take a bus to one of the main Czech towns or international capital, I can quickly see if there are spaces and how much etc.

Prague Minos

Prague Apps MinosPrague Minos is actually the app of the Avant Garde tourism website. I don’t use it very much anymore but for first time visitors to the city I think it’s easy to use and covers the basics.

If you find other Prague apps that you found useful during your stay then let me know and I’ll check them out.

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  1. What is the best way to visit Prague castle? What kind of tickets are there? Is going with a tour worth it? I am coming July 26 to August 2.
    Deborah Mele

    1. Hi Deborah, the main tickets are Circuit A (access to all buildings and exhibitions) and Circuit B (main historic buildings only). I usually recommend Circuit B with the Castle Audio guide and allow 4 hours. My own suggested “free” walk is at and that also links to the main Prague Castle website. Remember that the Castle complex will be open from 0600 to 2200 so an early morning or late night visit is always a possibility if you do not want to go into the historic buildings.

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