Prague Airport Welcome Poster

Welcome to Prague?

welcome to prague poster from hell

Sorry but this is a little pet hate of mine. You see this picture? This is not a picture that any Prague tourist association ever asked for or paid for and yet it has pride of place all over the airport.

Why? well if you look closely you’ll see that plastered all over it is the name J C Decaux. Now planes coming into land at Prague will see the TV Tower, the river Vltava snaking through the centre, the hill with the Prague castle on one side and the Petrin lookout on the other. If you approach Prague from the south then you’ll see the Nusle Valley, Vysehrad and even Wenceslas square. Gothic structures, Renaissance design, Rokoko, Art Nouveau and Cubism are everywhere.

What you won’t see is a pile of concrete buildings and heavy industry swamped in some kind of air pollution gone mad. It makes it look like you are arriving in Mexico City. Come on Prague, buy some advertising space and get rid of this advertising company tosh.

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