Booking Prague Tickets To Events and Concerts

Booking Prague Tickets

There are several ticket offices that you can use for Prague events. I use Ticketpro for Gigs and Prague Ticket Office for classical/jazz and special Prague events. Here’s how Ticketpro works:

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Go to the Ticketpro http://www.ticketpro.cz/ website and there are 4 main groups:

MUSIC: All ticketed concerts and nightclub events in Prague.
THEATRE: All theatre performances including Black Light, opera, ballet, dance etc but for this type of event I recommend Prague Ticket Office.
FESTIVALS and SOCIAL EVENTS: Festivals, fairs, cinemas, shows, balls.
SPORT: Football, ice hockey, all arena venues, moto-sport, horse racing. All seasonal sporting events in Prague.

They sell Prague tickets for special events, kids stuff and general events but currently these are all only in Czech.

Ticketpro now asks for registration to use the site so when you get to the ticket selection you will be asked to login or register. This involves entering information like name, address, telephone number and email etc. I have been through this process already and you don’t get any spam. The address info is really only if you want Prague tickets delivered by post and that is only available in the Czech Republic. I use it mainly to reserve tickets so I can pay and collect from their office at the Rokoko passage (Wenceslas Square).

When you open the main page, select the “English version” at the top left of the page and from then on, if English is available it will be displayed.

Step 1 – Prague Tickets Advanced Search:
This website covers the whole country so we will have to do some fine tuning. Find the “Advanced search” option (on the right of the page) and click on it.

Step 2 – Event Detail:
The advanced search area has expanded. To start with, leave the selection on “ALL” so you get the full list. If you know what you are looking for then you can change this to “EVENT NAME” and then select what you require from the “CATEGORY” dropdown box. If you are interested in a particular venue then tick the “VENUES” box.

Step 3 – Region:
The search box is defaulted to all regions. If you only want to know about events in Prague then select “Praha” from the “Region” dropdown box.

Step 4 – Date Range:
The “Date of the event from/to” part of the Advanced search allows you to enter your arrival and departure dates. Fill this in if you want the range but if you want only a specific day then use the large calendar on the right. Now it’s just a case of looking for what interests you.

Step 5 – Register:
If you’ve found something you like then its a simple case of clicking “tickets” and you’ll be presented with the ticket options for times and prices etc. If you wish to continue you will be asked to register with Ticketpro which takes about 2 minutes. They will ask for credit card details but this is only because you are reserving Prague tickets to pick up when you get here. It’s only at that point that the credit card is actually used. When registration is complete you’ll be able to come back to this page to select your tickets.

Step 6 – Login, Choose and Reserve:
Now you have registered (you may get a verification email to click) you can return to what you want. Select the Prague tickets that you want and add to the basket. When you are ready, check the basket contents, pay and I recommend you use their office collection point instead of asking them to send by post. Bring a printed copy of the receipt/reference with you.

Step 7 – Ticket Collection:
To be honest most of the ticketing nowadays will be a QR code on your phone otherwise you’ll need to visit one of the Ticketpro physical locations in the city.

And for people who are searching for clubs and gigs that my not be ticketed then take a look at the Nightlife page.

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