Comparing Real Casinos With Online Casinos

International Online Casinos

What’s important for you when gambling? My Casino page looked at actually being here and physical gambling options in the city but what if you really just want to play and not be distracted by others around you. Online gamers looking for a gaming experience that is both rewarding and entertaining should consider giving international online casinos a try. These sites tend to have a large gaming inventory, lucrative prizes and more. Like supermarkets they’ll offer special promotions, generous welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards programs but unlike supermarkets you can access tournaments and competitions to pit your wits against other online opponents. Many offer superior customer support along with fast payouts and a variety of deposit options. Interested in learning a little more about the fun and benefits of playing international online casinos? Then read on.

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Some people say it’s just a game…..

The Benefits of Playing with International Online Casinos

Well this is going to be your home comforts. Start and finish whenever you want, no handing over passport details, no waiting for places, no dress code. This means that they make it possible to play poker, bingo, slots, table games, and sports betting while in your pyjamas. Plus the unique aspect is the ease at which you can switch between gambling games at any given time i.e. getting a little rough luck in the video poker, then try something else like the slot machines or table games without leaving your seat. An online casino like Kingjohnnie is an example of that but what else is on offer?

Free Play

The Ambassador Casino in Prague is a good example of this with poker. Early in the evenings normally until 8pm they regularly hold Texas Hold’em beginner games for free. Meet the people and learn the game. Online gaming just increases the amount of time that you have to learn the game. Many online casinos will give you the chance to play a free version of the game that you are interested in so you can learn it and hone your skills without risking your stake.

Comps and more comps

Nowadays most online casinos are offering a large variety of comps for both new and existing players. While the specific comps may vary from site to site, they typically include Loyalty Rewards, signup bonuses, high roller bonuses and more. Incentives are not uncommon in the real environment with bonuses, free food and drinks etc (note that in Prague it is now illegal to offer food/drink as a gratuity).

The Pressure is Off

Lets face it, it can be intimidating to play at a casino table where everyone is waiting for you so gameplay can move on. In an online casino on the other hand, you won’t have to deal with this issue any longer. Since you are the only one playing your specific game, you won’t have to worry about strange looks from other gamers questioning your knowledge or skill level. Playing online gives you the opportunity to play at your own pace. Take advantage to consider your gameplay carefully and make better decisions.

Game Variety

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No matter what you would like to bet on, chances are that if you walk into any casino in Prague it will not have ALL the games that you want to play or for example if it has slots, then maybe it does not have your favourite. Although the traditional gambling games like sports betting, poker, and other casino games are still the ones that are most readily available, discerning players can also find plenty of sites that offer video games, fantasy sports, Bingo, and skill games like billiards or dominoes. There are a lot of online casinos that take the mainstream approach to online gaming by offering the same software and games that many other sites do. Alternatively, there are online casinos that offer unique games that are not readily available for play at other casinos.


Prague casinos are running tournaments all the time, the problem is registering to play and attending on the correct days and times. Poker has long been a favourite in gambling circles but with the poker tournaments all over television its popularity has grown even more. To capitalize on this, the industry is continuously offering a variety of tournaments for gamers to try and not just for poker. They allow you to test your skills against other players in a competitive atmosphere across many game types to determine who is the best of the best and you can win great prizes as well.

What’s the Best Option for you?

If you are in it for the atmosphere, checking your coat in the cloakroom, dressing up, feeling the baize or the cards in your hand, listening to a roulette wheel or dice being thrown then you really must visit a casino. If you want to test your gambling skills from the comfort of your own home or on the move then online casinos offer a straightforward solution and gambling options. As always, try and keep it fun and risk only what you can afford to lose.

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