Prague Escape Rooms

Prague Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for a more mentally challenging activity (other than which beer to try) on your trip to the city then Prague Escape Rooms might fit the bill. These can also be called Quest Rooms, Exit Games, Escape Games and Puzzle Rooms. The clue is in the name. Look for places with a fixed location as opposed to the ones where you go point to point around the city (these are mainly called Scavenger hunts). Expect a price of between CZK1000 and CZK2000 depending on company, game and number of players.

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Escape Rooms are Fun but not for the Claustrophobic

The Format

Typically it’s a family or a group of people that know each other. There’s usually a minimum of two rising to a maximum based on the size of the venue but not normally more than six per room. You’re going to be in a controlled area which may or may not be a single room. The room or rooms may have a common theme or it may be that in multiple-room venues the theme changes as you progress. It can be very interactive with guide/actors dropping in and out of the activity. The aim is to achieve the required goal which in most cases will be opening that last door. Game duration aims at @60 minutes. You may have a “guide” in the room or you may have the opportunity for “on demand” help and guidance.


You’ll be surprised that many of the escape room venues are very central and several are in the Old Town or a short walk from it. It’s very popular for companies to lease the basement or commercial ground floor of apartment blocks in Prague and turn them into one big escape game or use it for different themes. So don’t expect anything on the outside of the building and in many cases the entry is just a regular front door with the company doorbell.


This is very much a mental game. There may be some physicality in terms of light exercise but nothing strenuous. If anything it will be the atmosphere in the room that will get your heart going. All the original Prague Escape Rooms were Medieval-based so there was a lot of emphasis on gates, locks and chains etc. That’s still true today but they have evolved into much more problem solving and crime solving in fairly authentic surroundings or super modern technically interactive black-light and/or laser rooms.

Prague Escape Rooms Examples

These are all simple “single room” venues with city-centre location, 60 minutes duration and priced around CZK1500 per group. They note average and best solving times hence, difficulty ratings.


Semtex Challenge is a “get out before the bomb goes off” escape room and is the most difficult of the three with less than a 50% success.

Communist Czechoslovakia is my favourite of the three as it introduces you to some of the characters and visual experiences of the time. So if you like this then pay a visit to the Communism Museum.

Devil’s Bible is the most medieval of the three but it’s not a “dungeon” venue. More like a “Name of the Rose” in a private office.


Prague Escape Rooms call it “Language-free” but in general it’s in basic English or Czech. It all depends on the “props” which may be oral or written instructions that need to be followed but several of the Prague Escape Rooms can be adapted to other European languages. If you are doing this as a team it really only needs one English speaker on the team for him/her to receive instructions and translate for the others.

Who Should Do It

Children over 10, abstract thinkers, problem solvers, role players and people who are not claustrophobic. Read any reviews and it will give you an idea of difficulty based on player experience.


My recommended games above are in a shopping centre with proper evacuation routes. Always confirm with the provider what emergency procedures are in place for evacuation.

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