Beer Bike Prague

Beer Bike Prague – Fun, Memorable, Don’t Miss It

Are you organising (or are part of) a trip to Prague for a group of 6 or more people that are over 18? Is your visit between April and November? Do you want to see Prague’s Old Town and parts of the Jewish Quarter from the comfort of your own seat while drinking a cold beer? Are you looking for some fun and maybe some physical exercise? Then I strongly advise you to take a look at the Beer Bike Prague attraction which started in 2016.

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Beer Bike for a group of at least SIX

Beer Bike Prague is a specialised “Cycle Pub” for groups of up to 15 people who will spend between 1.5 and 2 hours exploring Prague, seeing the sights of Prague and the riverside plus at the same time enjoy a self-service bar including 30 Litres of Czech’s finest beer (other drink options available and the official Beer Bike driver remains sober). Don’t want self-service? no problem. They can provide you with a bar maid or bar man to serve you in style during your tour. Want your own music? no problem, load up your phone with your favourite tracks and they’ll play it.

City Restrictions

At the time of writing, beer bikes were still allowed in Prague 1 but the city was considering banning them from the centre of the city so check the route you’ll be taking.

Inquire about or Book a Beer Bike Tour but bear in mind that’s with a single keg so if you want more beer then Inquire about or Book an Unlimited Beer Bike Tour.

Beer Bike Prague

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