Advertising on

Advertising on the website is very easy. Prices for a URL link start at CZK1250 (50 Euros) for a simple text/html link on most pages up to CZK2000 (80 Euros) for text links on high value pages and the addition of text/picture sections onto pages/posts for a calendar year.

The Index/Home page is not available for advertising. Invoicing is available and payment can be made by bank transfer or via PayPal. If you want to embed a URL link or banner into a page simply contact me and include the following details:

  • Which page are you interested in linking from.
  • Which section of that page will contain the link/banner.
  • Is there existing text which can be used as the anchor or does it require new text to be added in which case please identify the existing text or supply the text that you want to use.
  • A banner can be up to 250px wide and 150px tall but the graphic must be fixed i.e. no animation of flashing.

I’ll get back to you with a quote and implementation of the link is normally within 24 hours of agreement. Contact me for details.