Advertising on Livingprague

Advertising on Livingprague.com

Prague poster board with posters from 2016
There are different types of advertising depending on your needs


Advertising on the website is very easy. Prices for a URL link start at CZK1250 (50 Euros) for a simple text/html link to promote a one-off event. Or if you are looking for annual renewal on most pages that’s up to CZK1995 (80 Euros).

General Terms

  • I do not accept guest posts.
  • URL Linking is per calendar year unless it is a one-off event.
  • Cost depends on factors like the page/post that you want to link from, position on the page and/or associated graphic.
  • The Index/Home page is not available for advertising.
  • Payment is accepted via PayPal or business invoice for bank transfer.

What You Need To Do

When you contact me it’s good to have an understanding of the following:

  • Which page/post are you interested in linking from.
  • Which section of that page will contain the link.
  • Is there existing text which can be used as the anchor or does it require new text to be added in which case please identify the existing text or supply the text that you want to use.
  • If this is going to be a link to a gambling website then the cost is CZK1995.

What Happens Next?

I’ll get back to you with a quote. After any agreement the implementation of the link is normally within 24 hours. Contact me for details.