Destroyed Russian Military Vehicles

Destroyed Russian Military Vehicles in Prague

During the summer of 2022 in Letna Park the Army Museum arranged a small exhibition of Russian military vehicles that were either destroyed or incapacitated during the war in Ukraine as they attempted to take control of major Ukrainian cities.

sign saying Exhibition of Destroyed Russian Military Equipment in prague letna park
Army Museum Exhibition of Destroyed Russian Military Equipment

I can tell you that it is very different watching videos of vehicles being destroyed and actually standing next to one. When you see these things close-up I have nothing but admiration for people who get near enough to destroy them with shoulder-launched weapons. So here you can see up close a main battle tank called the T90 used in the defeated attempt to take Kiev. There are 2 types of self-propelled artillery like what is being used everyday to kill civilians in villages in Ukraine that look pretty much like where I live in the south of Prague. Plus there’s a BUK anti-aircraft vehicle like the one used by Russian separatists that shot down Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 over the Donbas region back in 2014.


2S19 MSTA Self-propelled gun turret assembly
2S19 MSTA-S Self-propelled gun turret assembly

A self-propelled artillery piece. To put this in perspective, if this type of vehicle was parked at Prague Castle it could easily put a shell through my house 21km away. Clearly destroyed by something entering the side of the turret/gun assembly which, by the way, weighs 10 tons and is more than 7 metres (23 feet) long. Five soldiers would have died here.

T90-A Main Battle Tank

Destroyed T90-A Russian main battle tank in Prague Letna Park

The most advanced main battle tank in the Russian military. There was evidence of ERA mountings (Explosive Reactive Armour). The damage was all at the top indicating it was probably destroyed by a Javelin anti-tank missile which explodes above the target and the shockwave can ignite munitions on the inside, so from that we can say that the ERA did not work. Three soldiers would have died here.

So it’s just 4 vehicles but it seems to be a thank you message from Ukraine to Czech that shows our support has real material impact. I imagine that these vehicles will be absorbed into the Army Museum collection. Putin, Go F*ck Yourself!

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