Sparta Prague Football Club

Visiting Sparta Prague This page was largely written to help football fans coming out here to watch Euro matches but it’s worth understanding a little of the history. Sparta Prague (in Czech AC Sparta Praha) has been around since 1893 (I actually first learned this after asking about some graffiti) and had worn their famous … Read More

Prague in June

Prague in June Handling the Weather and What to Wear Prague in June sees the hottest weather of the year so far and brings the associated storms. There’s really nothing you can wear to offset the storms so just concentrate on what to wear when the storm has passed. So typically that’s what you will … Read More

Prague in December

Prague in December Handling the Weather and What to Wear I know, it’s not the same-old “Christmas” pic. Prague in December can often be clear and sunny as I caught it down by the riverside in December 2016. November to March sees roughly the same amount of precipitation and it’s dependent only on the temperature … Read More

Prague Velvet Revolution Memorial with candles and flowers

Prague in November

Prague in November Handling the Weather and What to Wear Expect a good chance that the freezing weather will be returning. Mid to late November generally sees the first snow and although it will not lay on the ground it does give rooftops a nice look. You can still wear regular shoes and trainers but … Read More

Prague in May

Prague in May Handling the Weather and What to Wear If you pack for Prague in May then expect warm weather but also include a light rain jacket and a sweatshirt to cover most conditions. May can be very changeable but daytime temperatures should not be less than 15 degrees Celsius (hence the sweatshirt/jacket). However … Read More

Prague in April

Prague in April Handling the Weather and What to Wear Prague in April is getting warmer but even wetter. You won’t need cold weather gear but allow for a light sweatshirt/jumper and waterproof jacket. Boots are still recommended but if it’s warm then trainers will cope with walking in the city. There’s still a night … Read More

Prague in March

Prague in March Handling the Weather and What to Wear Prague in March sees a turn in the weather as after February it will steadily get warmer. March is notoriously difficult to pack for. It can be freezing but there will not be the intense minus 10 periods anymore but along with the increase in … Read More

Prague in February

Prague in February Handling the Weather and What to Wear Prague in February is historically the coldest time of the year and it’s not uncommon to get periods of minus 10 degrees Celsius in the city. As with January, the clothing advice is to have thermal leggings available to you (they don’t take up much … Read More

Prague in January

Prague in January Handling the Weather and What to Wear If December has been cold then Prague in January will see the first snow that lays on the roofs and streets of the city. Although attractive it also means slippery cobbles so shoes and boots with grip are recommended. Average temperatures are around freezing so … Read More

Czech Online Gaming Regulation

Online Gaming and Gambling in Czech Gambling in Czech has grown considerably in the last five years and not just online casinos. What kind of numbers are we talking about? 2014 research by the Czech Finance Ministry showed almost U$6,000,000,000 was wagered in Czech over the entire gaming industry in the previous year. Regulation Since … Read More