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The Little Book of 15 Prague Walking Tours eBook

A long long time ago (2004) in another career it crossed my mind that I might like to become a professional tour guide.

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15 Walking Tours of Prague

I wasn’t quite ready to jump in with both feet in 2004 but I was already thinking about how to structure various walking tours around central Prague. I self-published my Little Book of 15 Prague Walking Tours in 2011. It’s pretty much still the same and this is the eBook version of it. As a bonus, if you want to learn some Czech you’ll find a section on common word translations. For eating there is a Czech Menu translator/etiquette guide. Plus there’s a fun quiz to try (answers included).

This is the full eBook version but I don’t keep it updated anymore so you are welcome to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE IN PDF FORMAT.

If you like the content and style or it inspires you to explore the city then I became a Prague Tour Guide in 2015 and you can find my popular offer at https://www.livingpraguetours.com. Or consider a donation if you liked the book.

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