Prague Tourism

Prague Tourism

Lets start by saying that you are going to have a great time in the city. Even though Prague is not a big city it has a tremendous choice of things to do and see for you to be able to enjoy yourself. Lets take a look at some of the Prague Tourism options.

david cerny hanging man sculpture
Prague has some unusual tourist attractions

Places to visit

I’ve begun writing more detailed posts about the top places to visit so you can jump to a list of the Most Popular Prague Attractions. Prague Castle is always going to be one of the main places on your Prague Tourism list. More than a 1000 years old in places, it’s largely formed by three courtyards, contains Prague’s only Cathedral and has scenic views over the city from the South Gardens. You’ll definitely want to spend time at Prague Castle, The Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square so you’ll find local info tips and advice for all of these places. Check the Skip the Line Tips and Tricks for saving time and money.

Activities and Things to Do

Prague Tourism is not all about Prague’s Top Attractions, Gothic buildings and Medieval history. I put quite a few on the Don’t Miss Things to Do page. Modern Prague introduces to to the gastronomic side of the city by showing you some of the best food the city has to offer and even showing you how to make it. I grouped a lot of activities under what I call Tours on Wheels which covers segways, bike, eBikes and scooters. Wellness is big business in the city from a walk-in Thai foot massage up to whole day treatments in some of the best Spas in the city. Brain games are going to be fun for small groups and families who tackle a series of tasks in order to exit a room. And don’t forget that a popular part of Prague tourism is a visit to the many galleries in the city. Again, lots of suggestions on the “Activities” section and in the Prague by Month section.

Getting There

One of the most enjoyable parts of Prague Tourism is purely the walk to get between places of interest. In fact the streets become places of interest themselves as you’ll find out. Take some time to get just a little bit lost in the Old Town or if you want a more structured walk around the city then you’ll find my Prague Walking Tours may be interesting for you to see the different styles of architecture, colours etc and to get off the beaten path that the majority of people will be following. If it’s too far to walk and you think you will want to use a tram or metro then here’s a useful guide to How to Use a Touch-Screen ticket Machine.

Eating and Drinking

The average visitor to Prague will have only 8 main meals so it’s worth doing a bit of research into some nice places to go to make the most of them. The Restaurants page will help you find a few nice places for lunch or dinner. I always recommend just walking into a place to have a look and if you like it, make a reservation to go back. There is no shortage of bars in the city, especially in the Old Town so as far as Prague Tourism goes, the Bars page and the Nightlife page are your places to start to work out where you’ll like to go.

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“Like being shown around by a knowledgeable friend” – Trip Advisor Review

Some Random Things to Do and See in Prague