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Zdeneks Oyster Bar

oysters on ice with lemons

If you think it’s busy at lunchtime then forget coming to Zdeneks Oyster Bar in the evening without a reservation especially at weekends. Shortly after opening in 2011 Zdeneks rightly earned the reputation for offering the best seafood and shellfish in the city. It’s also become one of the top 3 places in the city for champagne. Basically you would consider this as a high-end restaurant but with oysters from CZK200 and wine by the glass it’s worth a stop if you’ve never tried them before.

Zdeneks Oyster Bar – The Food

Many of the high-end restaurants in the city have fish and seafood options, especially the Italian restaurants but Zdeneks Oyster Bar specialises in this area and it does show. Not many places in Prague would be able to shift the volume of seafood required to maintain the freshness. It has three types of menu. The “Seasonal” which adapts to the time of year, the “Jidelni” which is the regular menu and the “Fusion” which takes elements of the other menus. The Head Chef Jiri Nosek has been here since the start and as well as his signature dishes like the Stone Crab. Zdeneks also offers “platters” which may be a trifle expensive at first glance but in a meal for four the price can easily be absorbed. Note that Zdeneks Oyster Bar is also a location for Prunier Caviar (for anybody that has been through a UK airport recently). Professional service as expected. Reservation recommended after 7pm.

My Favourite: From the Fusion menu, oysters Kilpatrick


Malá Štupartská 636/5 (opposite the St James church)
Prague 1, Old Town

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