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La Finestra

prague italian restaurants interior of la finestra

As you enter you’ll find La Finestra is very bright even though they’ve gone for the bare brick wall decor with paintings and mirrors etc. Using the same furniture style throughout gives it a clean uniform and business-like approach. You know the service is going to be good before you sit down.

La Finestra – The Food

La Finestra is one of the top Italian restaurants in Prague so expect to be paying top prices. The menu is actually one of the smallest in the city and as they split the main course into the two smaller courses you’ll find that there’s a choice of less than 10 dishes. This is not a bad thing as it speeds up the ordering and allows time for each meal to be crafted for maximum taste and visual effect. You won’t find pizza on the menu which I think is always a good sign. Instead they concentrate on the three core options of meat, seafood and pasta.

My Favourite: From the “Secondi Piatti” the steamed cod fillet with clam sauce and there’s a diet busting Tiramisu for dessert.


Platnérská 90/13
Prague 1, Old Town

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