Prague Survival Kit

The Prague Survival Kit


As described below, the kit comes with 2x CZK32 public transport tickets. If you’d like 3-Day Travel passes sent to you in this kit instead of the tickets then be sure to buy the 3-Day Passes that you need at the same time as buying the Survival Kit.


The Prague Survival Kit gives visitors to the city a little edge. Right from before arrival you’ve had a chance to peruse the colourful artistic map of central Prague and familiarise yourself with the streets and locations of the main tourist attractions. You’ve also prepared yourself with 50 basic words and phrases (written in English, Czech and phonetically so you just say it as it looks) to recognise and use when you get here.

On arrival you won’t need to queue for public transport tickets because you have already got them. You won’t get any hassle from taxi drivers as you can show them “in Czech language” where exactly you want to go. Using the “How to Eat Czech” guide you’ve already been able to experience what Czech food will be like, how to translate menus, how to order and general restaurant etiquette. You’ll keep a little book of “help cards” with you just in case of emergency.

Contents include: Artistic map 1:5000 scale in English will info on all major tourist attractions, Menu translator/guide, 50 words/phrases (phonetic), 2x Adult 32CZK (60 minutes of travel in the centre) public transport tickets, pack of 10 help cards (English/Czech).


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