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Products from the site that are either FREE or reasonably priced to save you time and help prepare for your trip.

Artistic and Colourful Map of the Historical Centre of Prague – Discontinued

A beautifully hand-drawn coloured map of Prague at 1:5000 scale with building detail. Street names, metro station locations and major attractions. The rear of the map is in English and provides detail about some of the most popular historic attractions in the city.

Prague Survival Kit – Discontinued

The Prague Survival Kit includes the above map but it also comes with a menu guide/translator, phonetic word pronunciation to help you learn some Czech, Help Cards to assist you in some tricky situations and 2 adult 60 minute public transport tickets.

Little Book of 15 Prague Walking Tours (PRinted) – discontinued

This is a book written and published by me which shows you the city over the course of 15 different routes. It is a PRINTED A6 size book so it needs to be sent to you. It also includes a menu guide, translations of food and useful words. There’s also a fun quiz.

Prague Survival Kit Combo – Discontinued

The Combo Kit contains both the Prague Survival Kit and the printed Little Book of 15 Prague Walking Tours.

The Three-Day Transport Pass – Discontinued

This is a standard 72 hour Prague Public Transport pass i.e once validated you can just hop on and off the metro, trams and city buses as you want for a total of 72 hours from validation. IT CANNOT BE BOUGHT SEPARATELY. Purchase is only available if you are buying something that has to be posted to you like one of the options above.

Prague Trip Planner – FREE to Download

The Trip Planner links into multiple pages and posts within Livingprague. It will save you time and money if you are preparing a trip. As usual, it contains loads of tips/tricks and personal recommendations.

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Enjoy Czech Food eBook – FREE to Download

An introduction to Czech Food, what to expect, translations and specific places to try different meals.

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23 Scenic Prague Restaurants eBook – FREE to Download

Like it says on the tin, here is a selection of Prague restaurants with a view

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Vegetarian/Vegan Prague Restaurants eBook – FREE to Download

A selection of places to try in Prague specifically for people who don’t eat meat.

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My Own Guided Tours – Cheaper Than You Think!

prague tour guide jason next to the vltava river
“Like being shown around by a knowledgeable friend” – Trip Advisor Review