Restu Gourmet Guide and Reservation Service

What is Restu?

Restu Restaurant Gourmet Guide Restu divides itself into two parts. It’s primarily a restaurant guide that on a basic level offers a free reservation service. At a higher level, based on your reservations history and types of meal that you were interested in it will suggest other restaurants for you to try. Once you’ve found … Read More

Czech Food Cooking Classes in Prague

Czech Food Cooking Classes I was fortunate enough to have a real Czech Babicka (mother-in-law) to observe and learn some of the tips and tricks for making classic Czech food. I soon learned that soups could be like a French consomme at one end of the scale and thick enough to cut with a knife … Read More

prague bag storage options

Prague Bag Storage

Prague Bag Storage People staying in a hotel will often have access to a luggage room but people checking out early from apartments or day trippers to the city may want to dump their bags/bikes for the day or longer so here are a few ways you can do that. Note the terms “per commenced … Read More