Prague State Opera – Guide and Program

Prague State Opera NOTE: The Prague State Opera is in a renovation phase and expects to reopen for the 2018/19 season. Performances that would have been here have moved to the National Theatre. Well it may come as a shock…

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Prague National Theatre – Guide And Program

Prague National Theatre – Guide and Program

Prague National Theatre I never tire of relating the beginnings of the Prague National Theatre. For two hundred years people in Prague had the choice of German language productions at the Estates Theatre or nothing. So people got together and…

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Prague Nightlife – Music, Dance And More

Prague Nightlife – Music, Dance and More

Prague Nightlife Last Updated: with views EPIC Prague The Prague electronic dance music scene got a major boost in the form of a brand new state-of-the-art venue. If you love electronic music and great parties, EPIC is the place to…

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Booking Prague Tickets To Events And Concerts

Booking Prague Tickets to Events and Concerts

Booking Prague Tickets for Gigs Go to the Ticketpro. website and there are 4 main groups: MUSIC: All ticketed concerts and nightclub events in Prague. THEATRE: All theatre performances including Black Light, opera, ballet, dance etc but for this type…

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Experience Prague Culture Or Die Trying

Experience Prague Culture or Die Trying

Prague Culture Venues Last Updated: with views Here I cover specific venues and performances. If you want a quick view of what's on for classical performances then check the Classical Events Schedule. Special Dinner Event - Mozart Dinner at the…

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So What Is Prague Black Light Theatre?

So What is Prague Black Light Theatre?

Prague Black Light Theatre Last Updated: with views Black Light Theatre has been around Prague since 1959 but only became truly popular in Prague post revolution. Now Prague is the recognised centre for this type of theatre. If performed well,…

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