prague herna bars camouflage patterned window with the words herna m-a-s-h

Prague Herna Bars

Prague Herna Bars In Czech the word “Herna” does actually mean “Casino” but I’m not going to say that Prague Herna Bars are going to give you that casino experience because they won’t. These are places which generally are Non-stop (open 24 hours). I did a brief search of adjectives that described Herna Bars in … Read More

Czech Online Gaming Regulation

Online Gaming and Gambling in Czech Gambling in Czech has grown considerably in the last five years and not just online casinos. What kind of numbers are we talking about? 2014 research by the Czech Finance Ministry showed almost U$6,000,000,000 was wagered in Czech over the entire gaming industry in the previous year. Regulation Since … Read More