Prague Scenic Restaurants, Valoria

Prague Scenic Restaurants, Valoria



You enter Valoria from Nerudova 40 and you’ll find yourself in the main restaurant area which also has the music bar. Formerly it was called Cowboys and had the decor to go with it’s “Steak and Burger” style menu but now it’s calmed down and has a more neutral international feel. The reason its primarily in the scenic section is because of the “international” menu and that you go upstairs out onto the main terrace which has an assortment of tables and armchairs. When reserving a table you also have the option of a spot on the covered raised terraces which have good views and as it’s covered, more privacy from the overlooking crowds. Stunning city views on a clear night.

The Food:

The starters are an international selection with something for everyone like soup, grilled seafood, caesar salads etc. The main menu is largely based around the steaks, chicken and salmon/tuna steaks. Feel free to eat inside as the food is just as good but, getting the same food outside is why you’ll want to be here. They also do a selection of menus for groups and a Degustation menu with or without wine.

My Favourite: You might find it strange but for me Valoria still does a nice rib-eye steak with pepper sauce. I don’t know if they kept the chef from when it was called Cowboys but the steak is still great.

Make a Reservation:

Restu Reservation Service

Restu Reservation Service

Interested in eating at Valoria? Use this free service to make a booking. Select the date, time, number of people and your contact details.

Your reservation will be confirmed within 10 minutes. One-time user? at least you’ll get a good table. Regular user? sign-up and earn loyalty points to get free meals.


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